Towers of Deregonia

Xen'Zel's Next Task.

Prince Lellouche has given me the task of “babysitting” that incompetent group so to speak. Whether or not he took any interest towards my findings I could care less, I was given a task and I got paid for it, I also got to keep a handful of nifty Ladder Sticks(Immovable Rods) though I doubt that they’ll be of much use where we’re going. That pompous shapeshifter as I recently found out, isn’t part of that incompetent group, that appears to have lost a few members, an undead, presumably in the lake, and the ranger, off to do his own thing. To replace those lost members, Lellouche has assigned a guard of, questionable, competence and the shapeshifter. I was also assigned to keep a watch on them and make sure that they keep a “low profile” a desert…while spying on orcs…I’m getting desert camouflage gear for this one…


Kanexiane SapphireExousia

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