Towers of Deregonia

Xen'Zel is.......

We apparently lost a member of the party, but gained two…we finished the mission successfully somehow…then we went back to Miste with a few prisoners from the orc camp…found myself a library, started reading, hopefully I’ll find out something about my draconic heritage. Oh, we have a paladin now, wonder how that’s gonna work out for me, we gotta protect some guy from assassins, that paladin’s already detected evil from me…oh well…just gonna keep reading till we hafta do something interesting…oh, there’s some new elf fellow with us to replace the druid for the moment it seems…my psicrystal’s with that warrior now…

Nakame told me our kids are back from their basic training with the Shadowlily Clan, they’re starting psionic training soon, apparently they’ve got a buncha potential. Maybe I’ll switch places with one of them if I get that new job.


Kanexiane SapphireExousia

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