Towers of Deregonia

Irr'Kacha understands more.

More dangerous puzzles. Annoying little puzzles. But then, a fight. Troglodytes, so very many troglodytes, and it seems they were celebrating the near completion of their task. That rivvil maelthra kenoth made the first strike to start the combat. From there on out things started to become incredibly dangerous. Their leader created shields of fire surrounding each of them, and those shields were starting to hurt us, and possibly they strengthened the leader. During this fight we picked up some more trash to take with us, trash that could use magic, but it was still just trash. The one I hope to have as a friend lost his companion because of the leader, but the leader lost his head, after something in me snapped…perhaps it was compassion, it was a strange feeling, one I had never felt before, my unbridled rage, directed at something that aimed to harm someone that I cared about…? It is a strange feeling, one I may yet come to like.

The success of the fight, though came at a cost, the one of…my ssinssrigg abbil… and I were horribly injured, the lotha chath ligrr was also very injured and the rivvil mal’ai nearly died. The “reward” for this fight was arriving just in time to stop the final seal from opening. In a final burst of my effort, I arrived to assist the sil’in nesst in sealing a powerful foe, at the cost of my true identity being revealed. In that room there was also the woman, or at least, one who took the form of a woman, t’puuli maelthra, and it is now that I understand why father was so obsessed with dragonkind. And that kenoth helped me realize what my father wanted to do, harness the power of the mind to bring forth the power of the dragon. For now though, I shall rest with my ssinssrigg abbil, and see what shall come next.

(At this point in time, Irr’Kacha will become much more socialable, and will be referring to your characters during game as what she has written in this post, this means she’s actually gonna tell people her name! OMG! ps…this is just a reminder for me mostly…)


Kanexiane SapphireExousia

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