Towers of Deregonia

Irr'Kacha is irritated.

This ragtag little group is finally becoming more coherent and competent. That however is not what is irritating me right now, it is our mission that is causing it. Sent from elven territory to drow territory, it is as though the prince wants us to just die. Before we were able to reach our actual destination however, we were stopped by one of the six individuals we were warned about, and apparently he wasn’t alone there. A manipulator of stone, and a childish one, who takes much glee in sadistic entertainment as well as a patron of art. He had us play a game, a very strange and dangerous one at that. Beings made from the stone itself, a large stone ball, and hoops. It was as though he were mocking the physical strength of this party, because that mal’ai, and that new half-breed were the only other members of the group aside from myself who had any chance of even lifting that thing.

Strangely, over the course of the game, I noticed the kennoth had taken a strange turn in her sense of humour, as well as her regard for allies. It is not unsettling in the least, in fact, I like her more because of it, being stuck to such weak morals makes for a weak mind and body. On a side note, she also noticed golems made of crystal, though they did nothing I suspect something is horribly amiss elsewhere.


Kanexiane SapphireExousia

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