Towers of Deregonia

Hard to stay hidden

Everything seemed to be progressing smoothly until we finally got to the Bloodrage camp. Before we could even stop to make a plan, that rather blunt, dual-wielding jackass goes and runs off into the night. After agreeing with the rest of the party that I should scout out the area, I start off in the opposite direction of the genius, hoping that I could gather enough information before he decided to have his brand of fun. Thankfully, it was raining pretty hard so it made my job easier. Luckily, I was able to finish a preliminary run through the immediate area and was heading back to the group when, as I would find out later, our shape-shifter freshly dressed as the same Orcs we’ve been slaughtering until now came running in. As expected of our kill first – ask questions later swordsman, he threw the first stone that ended with the field of grass concealing our position aflame, and a nice pile of near dead Orc. He somehow made it out alive though, as did the rest of us. Unfortunately, this seems to be a common outcome lately.


Kanexiane forsaken846

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