Towers of Deregonia

Adventures and Menstruation

So after a failed attempt at freeing or even getting information on what was going on at the prisoners at the blood rage encampment, we decided to heal up in the nearby town of Miste for a bit and went back to try again. the main unfortunate thing about the second attempt was that only 3 prisoners were still alive. We did get them freed at the least. Of the three, two were female, the other male, I have to say I feel sorry for the female to have to see what was going on and be experimented on herself but it was good reliable information for us. I was nice enough to buy them some new clothes after all they went through I’m glad they liked them, at the same time I managed to pick up a new short bow from Mr. Han he told me it was magically imbued to have farther range and power to the shots….. err well in his words “it has more umph” but you know I haven’t used it yet but I trust him on that. After all that shopping we stayed at the inn for the night and set forth back to the mansion. We arrived a week later just in time for breakfast which was nice, to actually eat a hot meal a hot decent meal, also as usual a few new strange faces, and familiar ones too.
I also feel that something strange is going on, but I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I feel I’ll know soon enough in due time… Other than that I still feel I should possibly apologize to Milander when I next see him even just a little bit.


Kanexiane smooferboi420

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