Towers of Deregonia

Bram's Adventures: 10

Continued from Bram’s Adventures: 09.

The next morning, Bram awoke in a bed. Beside him was Viola, both of them naked. He smiled, and spoke to himself, “I can’t believe that worked.” He was not in the inn, but rather, one of the city’s homesteads. The room was nicer than those of the inn. It had a touch of elegance.

Slowly, Viola began to wake up. “Morning,” she said. How long will you be at sea?"

“I’m not really sure,” replied Bram, slipping on his pants. He realized the captain never did tell him how long it would be.

“Oh. Shame.” She removed a gold coin from her purse on the table beside the bed. “Use this to feed yourself before you leave. You should go, now. Come find me when you get back.”

It was less than two hours before Bram’s ship hoisted off. After his meal, he still had eight silver left. He arrived at the docks aft found The Seventh Season. The captain was standing on the deck, barking orders at his men. Several crates were being brought aboard.

“You!” shouted the captain, fixing his eye on Bram, “Get t’work.”

“I’m security,” replied Bram.

“But you be on my crew. Which means y’work fer me. So, grab a crate, and get t’work!”

After the last of the cargo was aboard and fastened, the ship set sail. It was shakier than it was on the river. The shore grew further away, but not out of sight. After more than an hour at sea, the captain finally approached Bram. He had another man at his side. “I be Captain Eldred Saxon of ”/campaign/towers-of-deregonia/wikis/The%20Seventh%20Season/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>The Seventh Season. This be Riley, me First Mate. He’ll show ya the ropes. If ya have any questions or need anythin’, ask him." Saxon then wandered off.

“What’s you name?” asked Riley.


“Well, Bram, we sleep under deck. Just claim an empty hammock. The cooks tell us when we eat. You’re job’s to defend the cargo. There’s a number of axes and freight hooks located around the ship. You’re sword might do you better. Also, you my want to learn how to hoist the sails. The captain sometimes chooses to forget who has what job. Anything else you need to know?”

“Actually, yes. How long are we going to be out at sea?

“We should hit a port before the end of the week. Land sick, already?”

“No. Just wondering when we’ll be back.”

“Back? Back where? Arlenis? Saxon’s home is the sea. We’re always moving. Might be a year before we’re back there. Maybe longer. He goes where the cargo takes him.”

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Bram's Adventures: 09

Continued from Bram’s Adventures: 08.

Bram started off the rest of his day by going to the inn. There, he sat around, boasting of false heroics. Most of the day, he did this, managing to lie his way into a few drinks from the drunkenly, gregarious patrons. Around dusk, a well-dressed women walked into the inn. Her flowing chestnut brown hair and her blue garments flowed as she moved across the floor. She sat at the bar and ordered some ginger tea. Bram was quickly struck with lust, promptly taking the seat beside her.

“Barkeep, I’ll have a ginger tea,” said Bram.

As the proprietor poured his drink, she said, “Most men around here prefer drinks of a harder variety.” Her smile was sharp, yet delightful.

“Oh, there’s a time to drink hard, but there’s never anything wrong with some good tea, Bram replied.”

“Agreed.” She sipped her tea, making eye contact with Bram. “You’re a traveler, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. I suppose I am.”

“What brings you to Arlenis?”

Bram brought his cup to his face and took a sip of his tea. “I…I’m on a heroic quest to recover a prize for the King.”

“Really?” She smiled into a look of doubt and amusement.

“Actually, no. That was a joke.” They both laughed.

“Then why are you here, traveler?”

“Bram,” he corrected in a slight smirk.

Smiling back, “Okay, Bram, I’m Viola. Now, why are you here?”

He took another sip of tea. “I just got a job aboard a ship. Before that, I almost died. I took two arrows while fleeing a town on a stolen horse. I’m a thief, too, by the way. And I cheat. I guess I became a criminal right after I punched my commanding officer in the face for kicking me out of the Guard. But I wasn’t a very great person before that, either. In fact, I only sat next to you because I have no place to stay for the night, and you’re pretty hot.”

Her reaction was at first silent, mouth wide-open and unblinking. Her expression of shock quickly turned to a smile as she burst out in laughter. After a few seconds, she replied, “Well, Bram, you have had quite an adventure, but at least you’re honest.”

“Yeah. I don’t always do that either,” taking another swig of tea.

“Is there anything else I should know about you, Bram?”

“Yeah. I hate tea.”

Continues on Bram’s Adventures: 10.

Cerrin vs Fun

In a more normal situation a game of Ghost in the Graveyard would be fun but playing it with a big dumb devil isn’t at all normal. Heironeous, protect me. Now I have lost track of everyone because of this random game that Annie came up with—the folly of youth. I can’t really see my way out of all this mess, the immediate and the overall. It would make me feel better if I could summon Felicity but in these tight corridors I can’t summon her, that and she is still hurt from that big lug. Curses! I’d hope to run into one of the others by now, if only I hadn’t been so slow to keep up. Gods how I hate this game.

Bram's Adventures: 08

Continued from Bram’s Adventures: 07.

Once Bram finished eating, he remembered that he still had one more night before his ship leaves, and no money for the inn. This was in addition to the weeks he’d be out at sea with nothing but men. It was time for Bram to do something that he really didn’t like doing: being nice to get what he wanted. Using his charm and wits usually came pretty easy. That is, until somebody says something stupid. It can be difficult to hold his tongue.

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Cerinn World's Greatest Paladin

(Story written by Cerinn when she was around 6, editing by her mother)
A great blackness covered the world, the work of the evil drakoleech dracolich Moonvartii! Moonvartii was the largest and most mean dracolich that the world had ever nown known. He was so mean that he stole candy from little kids and kicked horses for fun. If that wasn’t enuff enough he coffed coughed out a large cloud of evil smoke over the world! People were in panic and many even hid under ground to escape his cloud. When all hope had been lost, it seemed like the darkness would last for eternetie eternity; a bright light shown shone from the west. It was light from the most amazing and awesom^e paladin ever! Cerinn Lightwander! She rode down on her unicorn of justise justice towards the evil Moonvartii, waving her mace in his face. Moonvartii was very frigh cowe scared of Cerinn and tried to run away from her but her unicorn ^(Mr.Dustsparkles) was too fast for him. She smaeked smacked him with her mace and Moonvartii cried out, “AUGHAGLEGU!” and he was smited. The evil cloud lifted from the world and all was happy. Cerinn and unicorn ^(Mr. Dustsparkles) went off in search of more adventerous adventurous things to do and make people happy. The End

Cerinn's Determination

Heironeous specifies strictly that a paladin should put the wills of Heironeous above his/her own will. I have been too passive in the past against evil, cautious and abiding by fault because all I really wanted to do was spend time riding and being with Gerald. My being cast from the Order is a sign that Heironeous is displeased with my actions—or rather lack of action. I was in the midst of evil and rather than acting against it I tried to peacefully solve the issue; all that ended up happening was that I was repeatedly tortured, incriminated the Order, and was cast from the Order. Evil is without shame and needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth. I cannot expect to return home with this shame of failure over my head and I certainly cannot return to the arms of Gerald with the markings of Heironeous stripped from my armor. Time to fulfill my promise to my prince and the Arch-paladin. Working for Prince Lelouche is dubious but there is little option, though I am being used I shall do my best to work this prince’s plans around that of Heironeous. I shall own my mistake and bring forth glory and goodness.

Bram's Adventures: 07

Continued from Bram’s Adventures: 06.

Nailed at the top between two posts, where the docks meet the rest of the town, hung a sign labeled, “Welcome to Arlenis.” A stone road, corroded by years of salty sea air, led straight into town. He followed the road a short distance, straight into a marketplace. Never before, had Bram seen such a diverse collective of people. And not just humans, either. There were a number of different races of just about every age and social class. Bram managed to lift a few edibles from various merchants as he made his way through the market.

Once making his way through the marketplace, it wasn’t long before he found a number of inns. He entered one by the name of “The Green Talisman” and found a seat at the bar. After four pints of ale, the sun was beginning to set, and Bram was out of money. Throughout the afternoon, he was able to hideaway a few mugs and various dishes into his satchel. He spent a short while exploring the city, and before too long, found a shop that would purchase his findings. Keeping only the sword, the satchel, and the clothes on his back, he made seven silver.

The next morning, a meal, a room, and a prostitute later, he had nothing left. Once again, Bram was able to lift a meal from the market, undetected. He found a place near the docks to eat his stolen meal in peace. Though he’d never really been to sea, before, one thing he was looking forward to was not having to thieve every meal.

Continues on Bram’s Adventures: 08.

Bram's Adventures: 06

Continued from Bram’s Adventures: 05.

The following days aboard The Seventh Season were long and unremarkable. The winding river seemed to stretch on forever. Bram mostly used this time to recuperate. He traded his horse for transport and a little healing, but he still needed to earn his meals. He stood watch for a single shift every night, watching for just about anything from thieves to natural dangers. But, the voyage was fairly uneventful. In this time, he also sifted through the contents of his stolen satchel, discovering an empty flask, a few fishing hooks, a day’s rations, and sixteen copper pieces.

Eventually, the ship made it’s way to the docks of a city. As he disembarked The Seventh Season, he heard a raspy voice from behind him. “How’s you like a job as security aboard me ship?” It was the Captain standing over the side of the vessel, leaning against it’s rail.

“Like what?” Bram replied, “Sit on the head half the night and make sure you don’t get robbed?”

“Aye. Three silver a day. Keep you fed an’ dry.”

“Sure.” He couldn’t think of a better option at the moment.

“Eat your meals and lay your women. We hoist off at high noon two days from now.”

Still aching from his piecing wounds, Bram headed into town in search of an inn. The city was diverse, never lacking in a number of merchants and traders, sailors and soldiers. Gulls and other seaside avian chattered through the thick, salty air. The afternoon sun shined through the clouded sky.

Continues on Bram’s Adventures: 07.

Letter from and to Gerald

My Dear Cerinn,
It has been a few days since I’ve seen you and I miss you; I hope this letter reaches you fine seeing as I have never used the order’s mail system before. Remus misses you and Felicity, we’ve been running fight drills every day. Though I must say the drills lack substance without you, truly I need a good sword to go against. This random assignment you have been on the last few days must be going pretty long since you haven’t returned yet. Nothing much to report other than Hercule managed to get himself caught taking from the patrol satchel and has been let go. So you were right in your assumptions of him after all love.

Be safe and gallant (as always),
Love your Gerald

Pardon the briefness of this letter for I am short on time. The assignment did not go well at all, seems I took part in something less than legal and I am called back by the order for investigation of my actions. There is little doubt in my mind that my lord will find fit to cast me from the order. Oh how terrible this all is! I will try to visit you as soon as the investigation is over, that is if you still feel incline to associate with me after my punishment. I love you and I thank you for the letter you sent me.


Bram's Checklist of Weird Stuff

1. The Orcs moving North.
2. The relationship between Lellouche, mace The Catmace Guild, and the Order of the Tiger.
3. Flower’s History.
4. The Man in White and his six disciples.
5. Why Franklin is so sad whenever somebody mentions sandwiches.

That is all for now.


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