Towers of Deregonia

Annie race for survival

Annie‘s story starts at a time long ago when she was nine. She had just lost her dad and her mom went missing. Soon after these events, she had to flee from her safe haven in the outcast land. With her parents not there to protect the village, they soon thought it would be better to hand Annie over to the Fields of Justice. One day, one of Annie’s close friends run into her home and tell her that she needs to run now. With out questions, they both ran to the hideout that they enjoyed when they were younger. When they got there, the girl told Annie that the village was going to hand her over, and that she would no longer be safe here. With this news, Annie had no choice but to set out and find her mom on her own. To be continued…

Bram’s Adventures: 03

Continued from Bram’s Adventures: 02.

With his stolen dinner, Bram proceeded into the first inn he could find. The moment he walked inside, he saw the bar and decided that he really needed a drink. With no money in pocket, he certainly wasn’t going to be able to purchase one. He quickly scanned the room for someone who had exceeded their alcohol limit. He wasn’t so lucky; it was still early, after all. But Bram really needed a drink after his long day. So, without any further delay, he proceeded to the counter.

He took a seat at the bar between a man in a cloak and a half-orc. The cloaked man was quiet. He was clearly there by himself, and the only words out of his mouth were to the barkeep and strictly business. The half-orc was clearly a warrior, stripped of his armor and weapons for the evening. The lack of coverings made clear exactly what was on his person: a dagger, a wallet, and a key that was tagged with a number, most likely to room in this inn, all of the items hanging from his belt.

The half-orc finished the last gulp of his drink, slammed the mug on the counter, and shouted at the bartender, “Another ale!” His eyes met Bram for just a second, then Bram averted his vision, and the half-orc growled. “Got something to say, punk‽”

Bram paused for a second, and quickly assembled an idea, then spoke, “Wha’ no, no. Not me. I didn’t say it.”

“Say what‽”

“Oh. I’m sure it’s nothing. Just gossip, probably.” The half-orc’s face tightened in anger. Bram lowered his voice and began to gesture towards the hooded patron beside him. “This guy was just telling me about you.”

The brute stood up and caught the cloaked man glance at him. “Yeah‽ What’d he say‽”

“Something about you not being able to hold your liquor.” The half-orc’s face relaxed just slightly. “And that you’re as dumb as you are ugly. You’re a social outcast trying to fit into a world that won’t ever accept you. You’ll die alone and unaccomplished because no woman would want to touch you…”

As Bram went on, the brute moved around him and loomed over the hooded patron. “Got somethin’ to say to me‽ Huh‽”

Without moving at all, the hooded man replied, “Si’ down.”

“No! I think ya need to tell me somethin’!”

The hooded man repeated himself, “Si’ down.” Without another word, the half-orc through a punch and the still sitting cloaked man. In one fluid movement, the man dodged the attack, locked the half-orc’s arm against the counter with one arm, and drew a small blade from under his cloak with the other. The half-orc attempted to fight free, but before he could do anything about it, he took a dagger through the sternum. Bram watched the half-orc fall dead. As he raised his eyes, he saw a fist. He hit the ground feeling a lightheaded pain one can only get from being hit in the head. As he lie there on the floor, he felt dizzy and unoriented. Blood was pooling around his face. Then he heard the words, “Next time, I’ll kill you.”

After a few minutes, Bram could managed to see to dead half-orc lying on the floor beside him, along with a number of concerned bar patrons. Bram sat up. He was still lightheaded. He grabbed the items hanging off of the half-orc’s belt and stood up, falling over on the counter. He made his way to his feet, people around him asking if was okay. “Do I look okay?” His words were distorted through his swollen face. He slowly stumbled to the stairs, falling over once more. Bracing himself against the railing, he he held his key out at one of the working girls. “Take me to my room.” That is when he blacked out.

Continues on Bram’s Adventures: 04.

Shove it!

After gettin’ lost in tha woods for gods knows how long I was found by an elf, who actually helped me out. Go figure, never thought those pompous twits were capable.
Not about to wander on my own, I opted to stick with ‘im for a while. At least until I got out of these fuckin’ rock filled mounds of dirt.
We traveled ta a structure where we spent quite some time. No bother ta me, He kept tha creatures out, I fed us. Not long later We merged with a group of adventurers. Shit happened and soon we were questin’ ta take down some baddy. They can handle themselves pretty well, although their team synergy is laughable.
Then came the undead. Cheh, horrid things. I was glad ta see them be torn ta pieces by my fellow party members. Tha fight was over before it even began, and now we sit here lookin’ at this floatin’ chick encased in a giant Pyicrystal. A powerful one at that.

Meldonna's Worldly Writing 8

I am so very sick of the living dead things that are all around us. They are every where and they are also very grabby. We had to make our way though a city of them and then ran into Tartemis’ brother, some sort of shape shifter. Oh and to make things even better we just found out that Jah-Mon is in control of this town (well presumably he is, can’t think why he isn’t the one in control) which means that the walking dead is his doing. If I thought I could actually kill him I would try it, but after I ask him if he added any spices to the cockatrice omelet.

Guess there isn’t much for me to say today aside from the fact that the burning feeling is still persisting in my mind. Got to have that looked into soon enough. Oh—Annie appeared to have used the wand but it didn’t seem to do anything interesting to her, too bad maybe next time.

Bram's Adventures: 02

Continued from Bram’s Adventures: 01.

From behind the corner of a building, Bram watched Ulrich come to his feet from under his wagon. The man looked confused of his passenger’s absence. With an empty stomach, Bram headed to market. Eying the vast variety of food in the market, he realized his pocket was just as empty. One particular stand was selling meat buns that smelled very fresh and delicious. Behind the table, a large man with a thick mustache was counting his earnings. In a fluid movement between fingering his coins, he grabbed a meat bun and through it to a dog that sat at his feet.

More deserving of food than that proprietor’s obese pet, Bram swiped a treat off of the table for himself. Before he raised his would-be meal more than a few inches off the table, the owner shouted, “Hey you!” Bram raised his eyes to meet the man’s. “You gonna pay for that?”

“Do I have that option?” Bram replied.

Drawing a rapier from his waist, the man said, “Not here, ya don’t.”

Realizing he couldn’t win this fight, Bram placed the meat-filled biscuit back on the stand and backed away. He watched the man and his table for several minutes. The proprietor gave him a smug face that spoke with superiority and satisfaction. Then, Bram saw his chance. A young maiden came strolling by. She was fancying the items on the neighboring table. She was being ogled by a dim-witted looking man who stood a few feet behind her. Bram approached them. In a scooping motion, Bram grabbed the lady’s rear end, and when she turned around, the first thing she saw was a love-struck buffoon with a toothy grin staring at her.

Instantly, without second thought, she raised her hand and slapped her assumed assailant. There were gasps of surprise and shouts of anger as people turned their heads. In the diversion, Bram made his move and removed a bun from the merchant’s table. He paused for half of a second, then took two more. As he was about to make his escape, his eyes met those of the large man’s dog. Bram knocked a few more buns off of the table with his elbow, and they were quickly consumed by the gluttonous animal. Bram then left with haste to look for a place to stay for the night.

Continues on Bram’s Adventures: 03.

Day in the life of annie

I am coming to think more and more that that we are all too expendable by the prince. For as of late we have been put into more and more dangers situations. I also notice that we lack some of the basics that the group needs. For what just had happen we were ill equipped for. The mad man had us throwing rocks through hops. Now being the person i am I was unable to secure the ball so i did a little defense if you know what i mean. Even so this is one of the guys we were warned about and this scares me. For if that guy was not a complete and udder moron we would have had our faces turn to stone. But i do see that we are going deeper into this land I feel that from what we have seen this will not be a easy fight or for that matter a fight we can win. The deeper we go the more i feel that we all will be lost. Pray to what ever god you like more i feel that we are about to face the gates of hell. This one is for you mom and dad Thinking i will see you soon.

Meldonna's Worldly Writing 7

I am currently on another pointless mission in the middle of nowhere with the usual group of misfits and morons. How I thought this lot was ever endearing is beyond me. It is like my eyes have been unveiled, what was clouded by my easy-going nature is suddenly made clear. It all happened thanks to a battle with some rock elementals in an insane game that about part of the way through stopped being in the least bit amusing. Must have been that piece of crap wand; didn’t seem to have any effect on the enemy but it did do something to me-twice. At the edge of my consciousness I feel a sort of tingling sensation—wholly unpleasant. Guess I should seek a cleric for it, though I am less inclined to go to Sulfira about it because she makes me irritated when I think about her.

Regardless, I think that my relationship with these jerks should come to some sort of end soon. Annie’s cuteness is getting on my nerves—so I gave her the wand, maybe it will do something to improve her demeanor. Hmm bet it would be fun if I don’t give people protection from my dragon’s breath. Bastards have been taking advantage of my abilities and consideration without so much as a, “Thank you Meldonna (for not burning me to a crisp, ever so decent of you).” Especially that brutish barbarian Brom. Every time I cast it on him, he acts like I am some sort of insect; he should be so lucky to be touched in any sort of way from a beautiful woman such as myself. I’ve been playing around with the idea of shapeshifting, I already learned how to make a pair of dragon wings for myself. If I could learn to cast shapeshifting on others…Wonder if I can manage a gender swap. Heh wonder how Brom would feel to be a woman—when Milander is on the prowl that is? I bet that would be fun and would teach Brom not to pass me off as a lesser being than him. Better yet, should also tell Milander that Bromette likes it rough, very rough. Going to have to look into this shapeshifting thing, if anything turning into an ogre and crushing the party sounds like a good time.

Bram's Adventures: 01
More Backstory

Immediately after being removed from the Royal Guard, the first thing Bram did was get exceedingly drunk. The next day, he woke up in an alleyway. The first thing he saw that afternoon was children running away from him in laughter, presumably after they had watched over and poked at him in his sleep. Groggy and slightly disoriented, Bram made his way to his feet and made his way back to his barracks. By the time he arrived at his former home, he had become more coordinated and coherent. All that remained was the splitting headache of his hangover. Bram knocked on the door and his former commanding officer answered to Bram’s fist in his face. He was immediately tackled and beaten.

He awoke on the side of a dusty road to the sound of horse and wagon. It was broad daylight and he was stark nude. The wagon stopped, and out from it, walked a short, stocky man. Bram appeared as if he had been beaten and robbed, and in a way, he had been, so he went along with it. The man introduced himself as Ulrich, a traveling trader. He offered Bram a ride to the nearest town and provided him with a set of clothes. Upon arriving at the town, the man got out of his wagon and placed blocks under the wheels. When he was finished, Bram was out of sight.

Continues on Bram’s Adventures: 02.

Irr'Kacha is irritated.

This ragtag little group is finally becoming more coherent and competent. That however is not what is irritating me right now, it is our mission that is causing it. Sent from elven territory to drow territory, it is as though the prince wants us to just die. Before we were able to reach our actual destination however, we were stopped by one of the six individuals we were warned about, and apparently he wasn’t alone there. A manipulator of stone, and a childish one, who takes much glee in sadistic entertainment as well as a patron of art. He had us play a game, a very strange and dangerous one at that. Beings made from the stone itself, a large stone ball, and hoops. It was as though he were mocking the physical strength of this party, because that mal’ai, and that new half-breed were the only other members of the group aside from myself who had any chance of even lifting that thing.

Strangely, over the course of the game, I noticed the kennoth had taken a strange turn in her sense of humour, as well as her regard for allies. It is not unsettling in the least, in fact, I like her more because of it, being stuck to such weak morals makes for a weak mind and body. On a side note, she also noticed golems made of crystal, though they did nothing I suspect something is horribly amiss elsewhere.

Annie's Thoughts Day11

what the hell is the prince doing sending us to go fight a wizard that is more powerful then we ever will. I have no clue what he could be thinking. But there was so many puzzles i dont thing that is place is some where we should have been. We did get to see a dragon today. It was amazing. still so confused about what we had to do but found some really cool stuff. I still hate the people i am with but its ok one day i will take care of them. but for now i am tired i will have to go know cya all


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