Towers of Deregonia

Meldonna's Worldly Writing 7

I am currently on another pointless mission in the middle of nowhere with the usual group of misfits and morons. How I thought this lot was ever endearing is beyond me. It is like my eyes have been unveiled, what was clouded by my easy-going nature is suddenly made clear. It all happened thanks to a battle with some rock elementals in an insane game that about part of the way through stopped being in the least bit amusing. Must have been that piece of crap wand; didn’t seem to have any effect on the enemy but it did do something to me-twice. At the edge of my consciousness I feel a sort of tingling sensation—wholly unpleasant. Guess I should seek a cleric for it, though I am less inclined to go to Sulfira about it because she makes me irritated when I think about her.

Regardless, I think that my relationship with these jerks should come to some sort of end soon. Annie’s cuteness is getting on my nerves—so I gave her the wand, maybe it will do something to improve her demeanor. Hmm bet it would be fun if I don’t give people protection from my dragon’s breath. Bastards have been taking advantage of my abilities and consideration without so much as a, “Thank you Meldonna (for not burning me to a crisp, ever so decent of you).” Especially that brutish barbarian Brom. Every time I cast it on him, he acts like I am some sort of insect; he should be so lucky to be touched in any sort of way from a beautiful woman such as myself. I’ve been playing around with the idea of shapeshifting, I already learned how to make a pair of dragon wings for myself. If I could learn to cast shapeshifting on others…Wonder if I can manage a gender swap. Heh wonder how Brom would feel to be a woman—when Milander is on the prowl that is? I bet that would be fun and would teach Brom not to pass me off as a lesser being than him. Better yet, should also tell Milander that Bromette likes it rough, very rough. Going to have to look into this shapeshifting thing, if anything turning into an ogre and crushing the party sounds like a good time.

Bram's Adventures: 01
More Backstory

Immediately after being removed from the Royal Guard, the first thing Bram did was get exceedingly drunk. The next day, he woke up in an alleyway. The first thing he saw that afternoon was children running away from him in laughter, presumably after they had watched over and poked at him in his sleep. Groggy and slightly disoriented, Bram made his way to his feet and made his way back to his barracks. By the time he arrived at his former home, he had become more coordinated and coherent. All that remained was the splitting headache of his hangover. Bram knocked on the door and his former commanding officer answered to Bram’s fist in his face. He was immediately tackled and beaten.

He awoke on the side of a dusty road to the sound of horse and wagon. It was broad daylight and he was stark nude. The wagon stopped, and out from it, walked a short, stocky man. Bram appeared as if he had been beaten and robbed, and in a way, he had been, so he went along with it. The man introduced himself as Ulrich, a traveling trader. He offered Bram a ride to the nearest town and provided him with a set of clothes. Upon arriving at the town, the man got out of his wagon and placed blocks under the wheels. When he was finished, Bram was out of sight.

Continues on Bram’s Adventures: 02.

Irr'Kacha is irritated.

This ragtag little group is finally becoming more coherent and competent. That however is not what is irritating me right now, it is our mission that is causing it. Sent from elven territory to drow territory, it is as though the prince wants us to just die. Before we were able to reach our actual destination however, we were stopped by one of the six individuals we were warned about, and apparently he wasn’t alone there. A manipulator of stone, and a childish one, who takes much glee in sadistic entertainment as well as a patron of art. He had us play a game, a very strange and dangerous one at that. Beings made from the stone itself, a large stone ball, and hoops. It was as though he were mocking the physical strength of this party, because that mal’ai, and that new half-breed were the only other members of the group aside from myself who had any chance of even lifting that thing.

Strangely, over the course of the game, I noticed the kennoth had taken a strange turn in her sense of humour, as well as her regard for allies. It is not unsettling in the least, in fact, I like her more because of it, being stuck to such weak morals makes for a weak mind and body. On a side note, she also noticed golems made of crystal, though they did nothing I suspect something is horribly amiss elsewhere.

Annie's Thoughts Day11

what the hell is the prince doing sending us to go fight a wizard that is more powerful then we ever will. I have no clue what he could be thinking. But there was so many puzzles i dont thing that is place is some where we should have been. We did get to see a dragon today. It was amazing. still so confused about what we had to do but found some really cool stuff. I still hate the people i am with but its ok one day i will take care of them. but for now i am tired i will have to go know cya all

Meldonna's Worldly Writing 6

We fought some more troglodytes one of which had some odd aura abilities. Most everyone was hurt a lot, I did alright. For once I feel that I am a bit more competent in fighting, must be getting stronger and more experienced. We seem to have picked up a half-something or other (orc?) wizard, who was in the scouting party sent to the cave before us. Annie kept wanting to kill him before he even had a chance to do something. Guess Annie must have something against halves? Regardless nothing compares to the fact that I saw Silfura’s true form: a great silvery dragon. I have never seen any dragon like that—I’ve narrowed down which kind she is: a young crystal dragon, silver dragon, or a amethyst dragon (has a bit of purple on her fringes). She and plain guy were fighting some man (couldn’t see him in all that fire) who was doing really really well against him. Annie and Flower went to plain guy to offer help and they threw a gem-egg-thing that trapped the guy. I think plain guy likes Sulfira (well who wouldn’t like her?) in a romantic way, he was very concerned for her. They are resting together in the healing room, right next to one another. They must be an item. Brom thinks I am just “girling it up” but I think my intuition is on the money with this one. Er, guess I had better get to remembering plain guy’s name since he is (most probably) with Sulfira.

Irr'Kacha understands more.

More dangerous puzzles. Annoying little puzzles. But then, a fight. Troglodytes, so very many troglodytes, and it seems they were celebrating the near completion of their task. That rivvil maelthra kenoth made the first strike to start the combat. From there on out things started to become incredibly dangerous. Their leader created shields of fire surrounding each of them, and those shields were starting to hurt us, and possibly they strengthened the leader. During this fight we picked up some more trash to take with us, trash that could use magic, but it was still just trash. The one I hope to have as a friend lost his companion because of the leader, but the leader lost his head, after something in me snapped…perhaps it was compassion, it was a strange feeling, one I had never felt before, my unbridled rage, directed at something that aimed to harm someone that I cared about…? It is a strange feeling, one I may yet come to like.

The success of the fight, though came at a cost, the one of…my ssinssrigg abbil… and I were horribly injured, the lotha chath ligrr was also very injured and the rivvil mal’ai nearly died. The “reward” for this fight was arriving just in time to stop the final seal from opening. In a final burst of my effort, I arrived to assist the sil’in nesst in sealing a powerful foe, at the cost of my true identity being revealed. In that room there was also the woman, or at least, one who took the form of a woman, t’puuli maelthra, and it is now that I understand why father was so obsessed with dragonkind. And that kenoth helped me realize what my father wanted to do, harness the power of the mind to bring forth the power of the dragon. For now though, I shall rest with my ssinssrigg abbil, and see what shall come next.

(At this point in time, Irr’Kacha will become much more socialable, and will be referring to your characters during game as what she has written in this post, this means she’s actually gonna tell people her name! OMG! ps…this is just a reminder for me mostly…)

Sad Day!

Bram isn’t quite sure what to think about the recent changes in his company. The girl from the swamp and this cat-fellow, not to mention the sudden swapping of masked elves. And one of Bram’s biggest enjoyments of his recent travels, pestering Gregor, is less of an option after his unfortunate drowning. And what do we get instead? A failure. Some orc (or Gammorean) who was imprisoned after the rest of his party perished. And there’s something up with those masked elves. And I’m not talking about the new one’s skin condition. They use a magic I’ve never seen before.

D&D departs from traditional wargaming and assigns each player a specific character to play instead of a military formation. These characters embark upon imaginary adventures within a fantasy setting. A Dungeon Master serves as the game’s referee and storyteller, while also maintaining the setting in which the adventures occur. The characters form a party that interacts with the setting’s inhabitants (and each other). Together they solve dilemmas, engage in battles and gather treasure and knowledge. In the process the characters earn experience points to become increasingly powerful over a series of sessions. — Just testing to see if you actually read these.

Due to certain complications that arose, mostly involving a streak of misfortune — Mr. Han gave me cursed loot, I just know it — I spent a large amount of time on the ground or learning how poor of an idea it is to go swimming in my armor. Despite these things, the manifestation of incompetence that follows me around the countryside actually managed to hold their own without my constant aide.

I don’t know what going on but our healer and her armored friend are hiding something. They’ve got some agenda that they’re not telling us, and I want to know why.

Meldonna's Worldly Writing 5

I feel kind of bad about Gregor, he died. I didn’t see him die, but he was finally wearing that plate mail he had been wanting and he fell into a questionably deep room of water. There were some deinonychus stalking us in this dark room full of board walks. When they finally attacked one of them pushed Gregor off into the water below, I don’t think anyone could have saved him anyways (he was wearing full plate). Over all the rest of the group either hasn’t realized his passing or really care. He was annoying but drowning is a terrible way to die, being that I can’t swim its particularly scary. Even though he was an annoyance I will miss having someone to be frustrated at, and I have quite a bit frustration over my limited usefulness in battle. Suppose that I have some uses but still… Thats enough for now since we need to get back to the task at hand. Oh! I drew on plain guy’s face so he looks like a kitty (it made me feel a bit better bout everything)!

Annie's Thoughts Day10

So we are still stuck in this dungeon place. I hate it here. There is no light and it had a room full of water and high places. I hate both of those. I will say that if was funny watching the fighter go for a swim. At first i was like oh crap he fell into a bottomless pit. But then i hear the splash and was like god i will never get rid of some of these annoying people.But oh well I cant complain i have not hear from the paladin since we split up on the walk way i think he might have just left us. I hate him if he did even though he was annoying he as able to keep me safe. unlike braum. Oh ya also i got a really good laugh at maldona. I told her how to get those ever burning floating orbs. she try ed it with out even giving it a second though. where does the prince find these people. But what is this ? the seal seems to be broken. this cant be good and a few of the fellow babysitters seem to have had something happen to them. form hear on out i think we need to proceed with extreme caution.

Thoughts of 2

With our first room out the the way we headed towards the next area, we had too move quickly else horrible terrible things happen.
A trap.
It hates traps.
A hallway seemed simple enough, but with our fearless Paladin and my feline friend we quickly learned that this was no easy task.
Most of us made it through no problem, but some took a few more needles than what was preferable.

The next area was simple enough, it did not take nearly as long as we would have disliked.
This lead us to…
And we sadly, were the pray.
A room of eternal darkness. The fear of walking a boardwalk, not knowing how high up you are, is truly terrifying. We pressed on carefully.
Then poor Bram. He was the first too go, the fear in its eyes as it saw him fall…
the fear in mine when it saw what knocked him down…The fight was on. There was not many, at least it did not seem like it. But it could hear the other party fighting as well.

Victory was ours, and Bram was alright. Though it cant shake the feeling like it is forgetting something…
The way out…A crystal. Touch the stone and be sent back. Or was it a trap? There is always so many traps. Are they okay? Are they alright? How could it know? They could all be dead, it next if it touched the rock…
Loneliness. Fear. I touched it in an act of bravery. Of trust.
It was well placed. We were back in the main room. But things looked like they were going for the worse.


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