Towers of Deregonia

Xen'Zel is Less Bored.

This past mission almost perfectly accentuated the mix of incompetence and competence with this group. There was a complete lack of communication between this entire group, not to say I did any better than them, but these assassins worked with the cohesion that my old group worked with…Maybe I should ditch these losers and join the Darkrunners, then maybe I’ll get to do something much more exciting. Who knows, maybe Lellouche’ll want someone on the inside of that group if he doesn’t already, and besides, it’s not like I’m actually committed to working for anyone but myself right now, I’m sure he knows that by now. Anywho, I guess I should mention the competence of the group…except it was barely passable, towards the end, in there attempt to keep the diplomat alive. In hindsight I should’ve been the one to have gone for aid instead of that young girl they sent, then maybe aid would’ve arrived sooner.

More news; The Psionic Academy finally closed that gate I accidently opened. Nakame is at our old home, and found some old books about our ancestry and has started to read them, the only thing she told me was “gem dragons”…needless to say I’m very confused, but I don’t have the time to look for information about “gem dragons” quite yet…but I need to keep it in mind.

Xen'Zel is.......

We apparently lost a member of the party, but gained two…we finished the mission successfully somehow…then we went back to Miste with a few prisoners from the orc camp…found myself a library, started reading, hopefully I’ll find out something about my draconic heritage. Oh, we have a paladin now, wonder how that’s gonna work out for me, we gotta protect some guy from assassins, that paladin’s already detected evil from me…oh well…just gonna keep reading till we hafta do something interesting…oh, there’s some new elf fellow with us to replace the druid for the moment it seems…my psicrystal’s with that warrior now…

Nakame told me our kids are back from their basic training with the Shadowlily Clan, they’re starting psionic training soon, apparently they’ve got a buncha potential. Maybe I’ll switch places with one of them if I get that new job.

10-09-10 - Bram's Perspective

After the rest of the party had given up on the mission, Bram began walking back to the Troll Hunter Clan‘s camp. They are really poor at following orders. Eventually, the rest of his party caught up to him, and they proceeded on. Upon reaching the Bloodrage camp again, the party realizes that only three of the prisoners were remaining. Apparently, the archer woman had been able to pick the locks earlier, but for some reason decided not to. This time, she actually did something. Once falling back to the Troll Hunters, they proceeded back to Lellouche’s Mansion. Bram picked up some literature while there. The woman took the prisoners shopping as the rest of the party fooled around for the few hours they were there.

Eventually they arrived at the Mansion and presented Lellouche with the prisoners. Even still, the man refused to tell the party what’s really going on. Before too long, the Changeling was arrested for crimes against the Crown. Nobody really liked him, anyways. The party swapped one elf for another one, as well. And it looks like there is now a Paladin in the group, too. The thing about Paladins is that they always think that they’re the most important and most righteous ones around, despite how dumb or weak they are. After the meal, the party was instructed to protect one of Lellouche’s guests from assassination or other harm. Bram finally got to the cottage where he was staying close to dusk. He might be safer in the Mansion, but if he wants to stay in the cottage, that’s his business.

Random quote from 100910

“Roll a Fort save to see how often you menstruate.” – Uriah

Adventures and Menstruation

So after a failed attempt at freeing or even getting information on what was going on at the prisoners at the blood rage encampment, we decided to heal up in the nearby town of Miste for a bit and went back to try again. the main unfortunate thing about the second attempt was that only 3 prisoners were still alive. We did get them freed at the least. Of the three, two were female, the other male, I have to say I feel sorry for the female to have to see what was going on and be experimented on herself but it was good reliable information for us. I was nice enough to buy them some new clothes after all they went through I’m glad they liked them, at the same time I managed to pick up a new short bow from Mr. Han he told me it was magically imbued to have farther range and power to the shots….. err well in his words “it has more umph” but you know I haven’t used it yet but I trust him on that. After all that shopping we stayed at the inn for the night and set forth back to the mansion. We arrived a week later just in time for breakfast which was nice, to actually eat a hot meal a hot decent meal, also as usual a few new strange faces, and familiar ones too.
I also feel that something strange is going on, but I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I feel I’ll know soon enough in due time… Other than that I still feel I should possibly apologize to Milander when I next see him even just a little bit.

Hard to stay hidden

Everything seemed to be progressing smoothly until we finally got to the Bloodrage camp. Before we could even stop to make a plan, that rather blunt, dual-wielding jackass goes and runs off into the night. After agreeing with the rest of the party that I should scout out the area, I start off in the opposite direction of the genius, hoping that I could gather enough information before he decided to have his brand of fun. Thankfully, it was raining pretty hard so it made my job easier. Luckily, I was able to finish a preliminary run through the immediate area and was heading back to the group when, as I would find out later, our shape-shifter freshly dressed as the same Orcs we’ve been slaughtering until now came running in. As expected of our kill first – ask questions later swordsman, he threw the first stone that ended with the field of grass concealing our position aflame, and a nice pile of near dead Orc. He somehow made it out alive though, as did the rest of us. Unfortunately, this seems to be a common outcome lately.

Sex and a little girl

Woke up to Milander Crawling into bed after a day and a half of sleeping…. for some reason I feel violated.. I did wake up in his bed so I guess it makes sense. I did hear from my other party members that I was close to being traded to Ogre’s but he was the one who protested it, so I should have thanked him instead of screaming in his face but can’t expect much with our past history so far. Was quite weird with being in an orc camp though and it being night I must have slept for a long while there was a new person with us though…. a little girl I kinda want to know a bit more about her, could be part of my more motherly side showing a bit, I did noticed she could use magic and quite well at it or so far as I can tell… interesting. The raid on the blood rage orc clan make shift village which went quite well up til one of us decided to dress up like a blood rage orc and got himself burned pretty bad quite literally. he was looking pretty torn up but I think he should live…

October 2nd, 2010
Bloodrage Encampment

Following the orders of Prince Lellouche, the party traveled to the Plains of Sorrow in order to investigate the progressing movement of the Bloodrage Clan. After some light combat and nearly trading Kira to the Troll Hunter Clan, the party waited to nightfall and continued with a Troll Hunter scout to the Bloodrage encampment. Once taking out a few sentries, they continued down a grassy hill, and into the camp. As Bram was spotted, the camp became veiled by a heavy isolated rainstorm. Upon investigation, it appeared the Bloodrage were capturing every human they didn’t kill in their advance to the North, interrogating them and torturing them for some reason, most likely some unknown information. Before being spotted, the party escaped the orcs, only to be accidentally deceived the the group’s shape-shifting member, ending in bloodshed and prairie fire.

Random Quote from 091710

“I don’t care about Flying Frog; I care about Sad Duck” — Nick

Xen'Zel is Bored...

Why am I still with these bloodthirsty idiots…I’m not getting paid enough for this crap…I feel like ditching them and leaving them to the orcs to die. I decided to ditch the mask for now, it’s starting to feel stuffy, and I might as well let these fools know I’m a Drow, it’s not like these morons would know much anyways. Makes me wonder why the elf is with them, that warrior too, they have violent tendencies but they’re wiser in their choices than these others…maybe that Tiefling too.

Aside from their stupidity this trip has been far from mentally stimulating…it’s been an absolute bore that I think my powers might be slipping…riding day after day through the Plains of Sorrow…they should be named the Plains of Boredom for all that happens…maybe I should’ve asked Lellouche for another mission…


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