Towers of Deregonia

Tokata's Leaving

I wandered into Deregonia not knowing what to expect. I saw it as an opportunity to expand on my knowledge and my skills. Working under the King and Prince seemed to be a great step in doing so. However, this did not end up to be the case. Perhaps in poor judgment in the Wizard who sought us out, I ended up working with a crew of misfits and lost souls.

Before too long, one of them left on his own accord. Soon thereafter, another one was arrested and executed after seemingly betraying the party. Another, the youngest of all, was then killed in the swamps. It was truly tragic. And it seemed that the losses meant nothing to the Crown. They just simply replaced the fallen and deserting.

Most recently, the undead fellow, probably the most unruly of all of my companions, found himself sinking to the bottom of a vast lake. I don’t believe it’s the end of him though. I’m sure he was able to make his way back to shore.

In all of this excitement, I found myself losing touch with my heritage. I grew almost irritable just being in some of the situations. I know that the life of a soldier is not for me. And when I returned back to the Prince’s Mansion, I had a bounty on my head. I never associated myself with the criminal element of society in the past, but my association with the miscreants has changed this.

It’s time for me to leave this land and find a new place to grow and expand. Perhaps in a new place, I can repent, as well. I will take leave to the East. I only hope the ones I leave behind will survive.

Xen'Zel's Next Task.

Prince Lellouche has given me the task of “babysitting” that incompetent group so to speak. Whether or not he took any interest towards my findings I could care less, I was given a task and I got paid for it, I also got to keep a handful of nifty Ladder Sticks(Immovable Rods) though I doubt that they’ll be of much use where we’re going. That pompous shapeshifter as I recently found out, isn’t part of that incompetent group, that appears to have lost a few members, an undead, presumably in the lake, and the ranger, off to do his own thing. To replace those lost members, Lellouche has assigned a guard of, questionable, competence and the shapeshifter. I was also assigned to keep a watch on them and make sure that they keep a “low profile” a desert…while spying on orcs…I’m getting desert camouflage gear for this one…

Xen'Zel's mission

So I’ve helped that group Lellouche Deredon employed to investigate the dark potions smuggling ring, and i must say, that group seems to horribly unorganized in their actions, though the elf and that warrior seem to work nicely together. I just hope they know to trap the guards as more evidence of the smuggling ring for Lellouche. Now I wait for Master Soverliss to teleport me out of this hole and back to Lellouche with the potions I grabbed, so I’ll probably have to pass time talking to that old guy who was in my cell.

Trying to Remember

I was thinking back on all the sessions and trying to remember all the missions.

Mission 1 KING: Find Lallelia Deredon in the Feng Forest and return her to her father. COMPLETED

Mission 2 KING: Uncover the source of the mysterious disappearing farmers in Telmer is not actually the Gnolls but giant weasels. COMPLETED

Mission 3 KING: Track down the thief at the magic academy and recover the book he stole. Discover the thief’s identity is Malich Kelm someone who worked at the academy. FAILED

Mission 3A KING: Follow Malich to Fengrest and capture him to find location of stolen book. FAILED

Mission 3B KING: Return to Feng Forest to discover what Malich is up to in hopes of finding stolen book. FAILED

Mission 4 KING: Escort prisoners safely from Fengrest to Capitol City. FAILED

Mission 5 LELLOUCHE: Purchase painting from gnomish collector but end up stealing it. COMPLETED

Mission 6 LELLOUCHE: Find lost child in the Moon Village. COMPLETED

Mission 7 KING: Investigate the king’s mine in Quoma only to end up letting it get destroyed by Malich Kelm. FAILED

Mission 8 SILFURA: Recover artifact from old man in Lake Morrow only to discover Catmace guild has already beat you there. Abandon old man but still recover artifact. COMPLETED

Mission 9 LELLOUCHE: Investigate illegal guild activities in and around Newton. INCOMPLETE

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Session (July 30th, 2010)

Upon waking up in the town of Newton at the Drunken Sailor, we proceeded to meet up with Vince and a suspicious shapeshifter. After some debate, we agreed to pose as recruits for the Catmace Guild in attempt to uncover a smuggling operation. At first appearance, the cargo appeared to be nothing more than fish oil, but after further investigation, we realized that beneath the oil were bottles of a dark oil, that we can only assume to be a deadly potion. We ended the session with the start of a Cave Crawl and no experience given.


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