Towers of Deregonia

Tel's Journal session 30

So I woke up from my nap and sure enough my traveling companions had abandoned me. So I decided I’d find some food and just forget about them. Everything seemed to be going well as I made my way through the swamp though I had a feeling somebody was watching me. Whoever they were they had some pretty good tracking ability to hunt me. I found an island deep in the swamp that smelled really good. It seemed to be home to some drunkards they didn’t even notice me borrowing their food. I ran into some of my companions inside. They were clearly concerned I was missing so I forgave them for leaving. After a nice meal I laid down for a nap. I smelt some fire so I woke up someone had lit the kitchen on fire. In the commotion I went out the back to look for Arty. I’m thinking he must be lost in the swamp. I’m never going to let him live this down. I still can’t shake this feeling of being followed, I hate this muddy swamp it makes it impossible to find any decent trails…

Meldonna's Worldly Writing 2

What an eventful last few days its been! I guess a quick summary will suffice (as if I could ever forget this adventure): Our barge was attacked by a ghostly apparition of a woman who was brutally murdered by a cursed shaman in the hopes of gaining more spiritual power. Most of the crew members are either dead or gone mad, which truth to be told is their fault for not staying close to the rest of us. Oh! Also the barge had run aground and there is no way to get it back into the water of our own means. Flower -the masked lady who doesn’t seem to want to give me her name- speaks Infernal and was able to communicate with the spirit and as a result we started on a second journey. What the goal is—who really knows? Either way this has been so very exciting and dangerous so far.

Either way, we found Lizardmen who have been so good as to guide us on this adventure to kill an evil shaman. They are so amazing! They lead us to a nest of cockatrice and Tartemis went in to collect an egg, I must admit I have more respect for him now. We took the egg to an island inhabited by a decedent of the evil shaman (I never asked his name so I decided its Jah-Mon…it sounded fitting), I spent some hours resting next to our two guides. I even shared a rabbit with them! They sort of remind me of Nadoo in that they are quiet and noble in stature but unlike Nadoo they do not play pranks on me. I miss Nadoo; I hope when I return home adorn with the scales of all the evil dragons I have defeated that he will wish to speak with me.

At the moment I am resting with the others in an abandoned (or seemingly anyways) bandit camp after a rather unpleasant time with another spirit. He wasn’t a bad guy once we managed to free him from a binding spell the evil shaman put on him. When he was bound—he was so powerful! Felt bad for Gregor getting all beaten up while the others worked on destroying the seal. Sadly I wasn’t any help aside from trying to make the spirit dematerialize long enough for Gregor to have a reprieve. I doubt I will ever have the strength of a dragon but I need to work harder on harnessing my other talents. Think thats about it.

Gregor: A paladin…which means that he is rather uptight prude. Might take some getting use to really. Oddly enough he knows nothing of religion which is kind of silly in my opinion though he seems to be reading up on it.

Flower: As competent and mysterious as the last masked person, but she has a better smell than the other guy. Doesn’t talk much at all though, even Xen’zel spoke more to me.

Kira: She reminds me of Genitalia, which makes me cringe a little. I sort of get the feeling I am going to do something stupid in front of her and she is going to scold me, just like sister. She seems to be good with a bow but other than that I don’t have much of an impression of her.

Think thats enough writing for now, nap time.

Note to self: Cockatrice egg omelet is very tasty, no wonder Jah-Mon wanted an egg for his troubles.

Tel's Journal 2

Today was a terrible day. I walked through this marsh and now I’m all wet and muddy, I just want to take a nap and forget all about it. There was also this invisible wall that zapped my hand for no reason. I think the others put it there as some sort of trick but I’m not falling for that again it really hurt. They made me run around doing all sorts of other dangerous stuff before that too. I’m beginning to see why Quarius left. I hope Arty comes back soon so I can get out of this place and never look back. At least I got some eggs out of the whole ordeal but I’m not sharing any of them.

Annie's Thoughts Day 2
Annie's Thoughts Day 2

Today we are going on a boat. I hate this why cant we go to like a volcano or maybe a plan of fire. It had to be water. When on this boat i feel like i need land. Every thing around me is wood. oh that will burn and that will burn maybe if i burn the boat down we can end this mission that our crazy employer sends us on. I talked to the captain to keep my mind off burning down the ship. He told me a lovely story about a man and a women who are tragically taken from each other and well then women is now mad. this is sad to hear for it brings back memory’s of mommy and daddy. I will sleep for a while. I wake up to panic in the place. every one of my group seems to be running around with there head cut off. Maybe they think that they are on fire? I did not do it this time. I now followed some of the group into the wood they were talking about a spirit? I told them along the way about the story of the man and women. i think this might have been a true story. Still going on
we now are questing to save this womens soul…. what have i got myself into now what is next.

Tel's Journal 1

These folk’s that Quarius traveled with sure are noisy. I miss the peace and quiet of the tree tops. Arty insists we can’t return until we fulfill the obligations of Quarius’ promise to Lellouche. Though I’m in no hurry to return knowing what sister will do to me for leaving without permission. I’m hoping she’ll be so angry with Quarius she’ll forget all about me but I know that is just wishful thinking. At least I won’t go back empty handed I found some useful things in that Ironleaf tomb those goblins were hiding in. I’m sure sister will be glad to get her hands on some new artifacts for her collection. I’m also concerned about this latest mission Arty keeps getting a bad feeling about this place. That spirit didn’t help put me at ease either I’ve seen forest spirits before but this thing had one nasty aura. I don’t think it belongs here, I don’t think it is very friendly, and I really hope I don’t run into it again. Arty told me there was a village nearby, so I plan to investigate there, maybe they can help us get our transport fixed, I really don’t like the humans’ transportation. Everything we’ve ridden in has been bouncy and slow. Arty keeps telling me it is good to experience how outsiders live but I think he likes watching me suffer. I’ve rambled on long enough I can probably get another nap in before we leave.

Bram's Report - 120310

Prince Lellouche,

On our way down river, the air became thickened by a heavy fog. At first, I thought nothing of it, but shortly after I heard a shriek coming from the bow of the ship. When I arrived to investigate what happened, the Woman was standing over one of the crewmen. He was dead, looking as if the life was drained out of him.I readied my sword, preparing to strike any foe who dare board this ship, valiantly protecting the vessel with its crew and cargo. As I ordered the rest of the party to take positions around the perimeter of the ship, they instead panicked and argued. Only the Woman seemed to have our mission in mind. The two of us patrolled the ship as best we could, but it wasn’t enough. Moments later, the First Mate was found dead, just like the previous victim. The Woman and myself then attempted to protect the remainder of the crew as the rest of you men stood around, chatting like a bunch of gossiping school children. They all quickly grew tired and retired for the evening as I stood watch with the Elf.

It couldn’t have been much more than an hour into my watch when the Elf caught eye of something. I quickly arose to the occasion, sword in hand. When I finally caught sight of the creature that had killed half of the crew, I grew overwhelmed in terror. She was a ghostly being, a terrifying monster that had never passed to the World of the Dead. The commotion awakened the rest of my party, and we began combat. In the thick fog, the Captain had lost his bearings and the ship had hit the river bank. We were land-locked. Before too long, we had forced the creature into a retreat off of the boat. For some reason I could not comprehend, perhaps do to a spell or curse, most of my party was compelled to follow the creature into the forest. The Child seemed to think it was some kind of game, and she kept going on about some kind of story. Only the Woman and the Elf stayed behind with me and the remaining crewmen. When morning comes, we will attempt to hike up river to the nearest town.

Captain Bram Bogaarts

Meldonna's Worldly Writing

Some rather interesting things have started happening to me so I probably should write them down.

A few days ago I had heard that up north from where I was camped there is a lair of a green dragons that I just had to go see. I was hoping to observe them (from a good distance) in the hopes of finding some sort of weakness in them. I’d talk to one but they tend to be back-stabbers and rather kill happy and I know that I am not ready to even take on a wyrmling as of now. Spending time studying with monks and all was very insightful and pleasant but they were unable to teach me how to hone my dragon side, which is the side I am going to have to rely on to ever defeat one of the evil dragons. Anyways I digress, somewhere along the way I guess I crossed a boarder without the proper paper work and some guards dragged me back to a really LARGE settlement (a city I guess, never been in one before since dad never took me with when he went to sell his masonry) and threw me into jail. Even though I really wanted to go see the dragon lair I went with out a fuss, after all I didn’t go through the boarder crossing area like I should have. Sat around in jail for awhile till this tall, plain guy showed up and offered me a job in return for letting me out. I asked if I’d get to meet dragons on the job and when he said “yes” I agreed to the offer.

So this rather rag-tag bunch showed up to take me to the job…not bothering to tell me any details. I think they must not have known any details to begin with, just get a box from some goblins. None of them introduced themselves either so I had to slowly gather their names during the walk to a cave far off into the woods. This is my impression of them after the mission:
Bram: Sort of overly gruff like someone killed his family pet when he was little. Seems rather competent though so that is a good thing.
Annie: OH MY DRAGONS! She is so adorable and she can create fire that could make some wyrmlings jealous. I must learn more about her magic. She carries around a teddybear with her all the time named Mr. Tibbers. Annie reminds me of my little sister Fiona except that she can cast fireballs which Fiona can’t do.
Xen’zel: Seems he has left the group now there is another masked person (a woman) in his place though. But he was rather quiet and shifty anyways, he also gave off a light dragonish smell but it wasn’t really pleasant as the smell Ms. Silfura gives off. He was alright though, I guess.
Tartemis: Lazy, lazy, lazy.
Silfura: She doesn’t talk much but she smells strongly of dragon and she is mysterious like one. I don’t know her connection to dragons by smell and feelings alone but all I know is: she is awesome. I am going to have a discussion with her the next time I see her because she too can speak Draconic.

So after some traveling we did find the cave of goblins and things started out really well at first when it was just goblins. They don’t do well against my dragon fire, that is for sure. It was when we ran into the animated skeletons of the Ironleaf clan that we had some troubles. I stayed by Annie because I wished to protect her as well as stay away from the skeletons. Ends up my fire isn’t as effective against them, I’ll have to find a different way of fighting them. In the end we managed to get the box and flee out of the caves but we were all pretty beaten up. Ms. Silfura was kind enough to heal me with her magic, which was very kind of her. Anyways I am a bit tired from the rocking on this barge so I’ll finish up about this new job later. Later journal.

Annie's thoughts

Leader log … HEHE YA that is right i am the leader of this rag tag group of idiots. I am ashamed to say they are my group. For this last adventure we went on i notice none of them have common sense. there needs to be more group work. I would be sadden if my parents could see this group they would tell me that i have to pull them together. But all in all i had to save the group from the un-dead. I did get to mess with a switch that keep opening doors that was fun just letting the dumb adults do what they want just as long as i could play with the switch. Also there was that one guy who did not like to stay with the group i was going to follow him but he seems like he does not like groups or people for that matter. i will just ask lulush later if we can have some of the group killed for they are no good. but other then that i wanted to see the rest of that place i am sad that we got chased out. well its time for me to go i hear tibbers out side i think i will go play with him.

Xen'zel and Irr'Kacha

I’m done with this group now, things weren’t looking too good for me at all, a cleric and a paladin, getting ambushed by skeletons of ancient Ironleaf warriors. Saving my own skin was getting harder and harder by the day with these people. But on to the more important matters at hand, my younger daughter Irr’Kacha, is taking my place in this party because I feel her powers are better suited for this group, and from here on she will be recording her thoughts in this journal.

HELLO DADDY’S JOURNAL~! Okay, so I guess I’m helping his new friends now…oops…I don’t think I should let them know that…OH WEEEELLL >.<…So apparently there’s, like, three girls and three guys in this group right now, like, two spell users, an archer, some idiot fighter, a weird ninja, and a paladin, so like, I think we might all get along well I hope. Oh, and I wish daddy would give me his money but he won’t so I can’t buy anything pretty for myself, but apparently we get paid really well so I guess I shouldn’t worry too much. So uhhmmm…Mom is probably gonna give daddy hell for getting himself beat up a bunch.

Anyways, I guess my role is this party is going to be a combat supporter and healer, which I hope is going to work well for me.

Xen'Zel is conflicted.

I just don’t know what to do right now, we’re in a terrible place for me to be expressing many thoughts, or be out in the open for very often. We’re close to elves, and in a sense close to the other psionics. But i just don’t care what happens now, I might as well go as far to my limits as I possibly can for this mission, as boring as it may sound right now.

Dunno what else to say right now…I’m drawing so many blanks right now.


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