Towers of Deregonia

Irr'Kacha is falling apart...

After having dealt with the half dragons the party had to deal with a series of traps and puzzles. We fought these weird lizard things on some boardwalks…it must’ve been such a painful experience for all those humans with all that darkness…and that poor cat, he must’ve felt so confined on that boardwalk. I like the cat, he feels pleasant, and I hope to get closer to him, and I will.
I felt the presence of the paladin disappear, which does not seem to trouble the party in the least…which makes me fear that anyone else would be just as quickly forgotten, no respect for Life from these humans, none at all.
I don’t know what to do right now, nothing is working out anymore, our guides are scattered and possibly incapacitated, I feel more powerful, yet I’m so powerless right now. I want to become more powerful. I will become more powerful. I have to become more powerful. With power maybe someone will notice me…I don’t want to be alone in this world…after father left he hasn’t sent word at all, and neither has mother, or my sister…the last thing I ever heard from them was that something was supposed to be left behind for me…and that I have a brother now…but they’re gone…all gone…gone somewhere else…I want power, I don’t want to be alone, I want to find them…but I don’t want to be alone…

Alise's Exciting days

Boss Tartemis is teaching me to write. He has taught me a lot. When grandma died I was sad but Tel said I could go with him. I sometimes miss the swamp but nobody there liked me so I’m happy to have new friends even if they are strange. There is a pretty lady who makes fire with her mouth she is neat there is a loud man who wears shiny metal clothes he is scary. There is a little girl who burns things she is very odd. There is another man who likes to go off by himself. He went swimming when every one was fighting he is silly. I beat a big lizard and boss Tel said I did a good job. He is the best. I also got to meet Arty he is really nice I don’t understand what he says but boss Tel can cause he is really smart. He even gets the others to do his work too they must be apprentices too. I have to show everyone I can help too.

Bram's Worst Day Ever
...Very Sad Day...

Sad face.

Meldonna's Worldly Writing 4

Didn’t get much time to rest up after that barge adventure before being sent off on another adventure that I more than approve of. Finally got to meet my “employer” Lellouch, he is rather a vague person and I am not quite sure as to whether I like him in the least. Anyways, he isn’t as important as the task at hand: keeping a powerful red dragon in its prison. Someone/something wants to release this all powerful dragon which ravaged the land a few decades ago and its the job of this rag-tag team to stop it. Can’t help but question the logic of sending this lot off to do something so very important—not that we are a bad group but rather sloppy and hectic. We lack finesse. Lellouch sent the plain man with us as well as Tartemis but Tartemis flew off with Alice on Artemis (a giant owl, go figure) so its just plain man with us now. Also we gained yet another companion in the form of a Catfolk! His name is Syriuss and he appears to be some sort of druid but not like any other druid I’ve ever seen (not that I have seen many just 2 and one of them was trying to kill me for sharpening my nails on a tree trunk). He is ever so fluffy and he actually let me rub his stomach which surprised me since most humanoids would hurt me for such an act. So far he seems rather laid back and competent but I’ll go over that when I write about what happened.

So there is a reason as to why even though we are on an important mission I have time to write. Mr. Lawful-prude nearly got himself killed at least twice, currently he is passed out drooling like the half-dead moron he is. The first creatures we ran into a large group of Troglodytes (lizard humanoids that eat human flesh, nothing like the Lizardfolk which are far more intelegent) which we dispatched easily enough. There was a puzzle that needed to be solved to open one of the doors so I left the others to take care of it, I don’t really have a mind for solving puzzles sadly. Well the trouble really came from what was behind the door that opened and resulted in Brom getting a boot to the chest. There were two very large, very mean looking half red dragons. It only took a second for my enthusiasm at the sight of them to die down and turn into wariness. Red dragons are nasty creatures and halves are dumber in comparison but still just as mean. I would have preferred to have given them some sort of treasure to distract them and run off so as not to fight but Brom was right there in front of the one and I just had to do something. Problem with taking on a half or a dragon in the state I am now, my abilities can’t hurt them.

We did engage them but course Annie was useless since they are resistant to flames so she went off to look around while the rest of us (cept plain guy who I bet could have taken them both out easily) engaged the enemies. Gregor took the brunt from the bigger guy with Syriuss helping out by casting an entanglement spell. I ended up going against my better judgement to stay away from the halves, by using my wand to electrocute the smaller half. Between Brom, myself, and Flower using an energy push we managed to take the small half down. Which ended up enraging his large brother while he was tangled up in rope… Embarrassing enough it took me far longer to realize what was going to happen than it should have. Being all tangled up (even though he could have broken out easily) he did exactly what I would have done: fire breath. I tried to warn Gregor and Flower to move out of the way but Gregor refused to budge and Flower didn’t have enough time to react after having moved closer to Gregor to heal him. It was the second largest dragon’s breath I’ve ever seen and it obviously hurt a lot. Flower managed to get out of it fast enough to survive it but Gregor pretty much went down like a felled tree. Flower managed to get him stable and conscious but he did end up taking another one after Brom and I got a face full of fire ourselves. Luckily for Gregor, Syriuss did get him stable which is why we don’t need Lellouch to find us yet another companion. After Gregor finally wiped out I realized that the half was just trying to get to his brother’s body so I backed off—took a bit for Brom and Flower to follow suit but they did and the half just walked off with his brother’s corpse. I felt sort of sorry for it as a person who has many siblings but not sad enough to not kill it should we meet again.

Thats it for now, should get some rest while I can. I hope I can one day have a breath as powerful as that half’s.

Thoughts of

Today was its first day on official business for Lelouch, and what a day it was. We caught word of a group attempting to break the seals holding a fierce Red Dragon held in a mountain. If the Dragon were to be released…It could only imagine the devastation that the Dragon would cause. It has heard stories about the Dragons, the red ones were never good.

It is traveling with a pretty colorful group, it hopes that it will get along with them, they do seem nice. We had a few days travel to get to know each other a little, and then were promptly thrown into the mission. It did not take long before the mission got difficult, we faced off against a few half dragons. They gave our party quite the fight, though everyone gave everything they could. The larger one ended up retreating after we defeated his kin. He looked distraught carrying his kin away…

Irr'Kacha is Torn....

I can’t believe I sided with the party in that last fight, or rather, stood with those human males. At least now I am learning more of why Conflict seems to be such a powerful force in these foreign lands, something I wouldn’t have learned had it not been for my father’s advice. Perhaps soon I shall be able to come to understand more of these strange concepts that are embraced by all these races, like Freedom, Justice, Law….or maybe I won’t ever fully understand. The situation we are now in is not at all an issue for any member of the party, yet at the same time, many of us have exhausted our resources and are injured. Right now I need time to recover, just some time to mentally prepare for the upcoming challenges.

And here is what has happened thus far:
We returned to the Prince’s mansion and received our payment. We then received our next mission, which involves investigating an attempt to release a dragon that has been sealed deep beneath a mountain. Already we have found out that at least 3 of the seals are compromised.

I want to stop this dragon from being released, but I cannot bring myself to fight anymore beings of powerful Life and Energy, like the half-dragons.

Meldonna's Worldly Writing 3

I sort of took a back seat role in the adventuring for a few days, got mildly depressed over the fact that I am not doing so well as a dragon. We went to a bandit king’s mansion…which “mysteriously” caught on fire (looking at the little girl). Either way, I finally decided to do something once we were told by the bandit king that the old lady in the village would know where the staff is. We had to go talk to her moon-eyed granddaughter that seems to have the hots for Tartemis in order to find her. It was an annoying hike in the mud—I am so very sick of mud—we found the old lady by a well, and Mr. Lawful-Prude went off about Evil. I did hear a scream before Gregor started going off bout sensing evil so I was already on guard following Tartemis.

The old lady was chanting something odd when Gregor decided that it would be a lovely idea to step out and say “hi” to her. Then preceded to tell her that he wasn’t alone and more or less dragged Annie and I out. She asked us to help her pull out something out of the well in which case we respectfully declined and she summoned some ghosts and attacked us—what a nice lady. In the end Brom bashed the old woman down the well while the rest of us finished off the ghost. Tartemis thought that it would be a good idea to send down the granddaughter down the well to retrieve the staff…right next to her dead grandmother. As we were bringing back the staff to Jah-Mon when I started to doubt our choice in bringing it back to him. After all it seems odd that the original shaman would have had children after he went insane…Flower seemed to be getting the same idea but Brom really just wanted us to get it done with and we handed it over. It was not a good idea ends up Jah-Mon was the original shaman and we gave him his magical spirit infested staff and he teleported out. We did manage to get the barge dug out thanks to the bandit king and returned to the city. What an eventful time its been… Feel sort of bad for the ghost lady who wasn’t at the grave when we returned.

Irr'Kacha made a journal!

I’m recording these memories now because Daddy said everything we do needs to be remembered, so we can learn something…but I just don’t get it. Why are we doing this, why are we helping these strange people. I thought I could fit myself in right away and not be a quiet recluse, but I guess I was wrong. Maybe he was right and I was too young to be off on my own, but I want to prove myself, I have to show that I’m just as good as my sister. Which actually leads me to wonder…why didn’t they send Brizae to help instead, this party would have been much more benefitted by an assassin like her, rather than a healer like me. Oh well.

Anyhow, here’s all that happened:
We followed the lizardmen into the swamp, fetched a cockatrice egg, gave it to a shaman who cooked it up and ate it, told us a story of himself, asked to get his staff back, we encountered a guardian of sorts, the paladin almost died, I passed out exhausted and was somehow traveling in a trance for a few days, found the staff by killing an old woman, brought back the staff, and now the shaman has returned to his full evil power.

I’d say I’m pretty proud of myself, mostly. Now I need money, lots of money, so I can craft a proper weapon out of Deep Crystal. Oh, and Daddy says I should learn how to channel the power of Dragons…dunno why, but I think that be fun, maybe I should ask the girl who calls me Flower.

Tel's Journal session 31

While looking for Arty I fell into some sort of mud trap. It was a rookie mistake but just as I was about to get out some obnoxious young woman pulled me out. I’ve come to the conclusion that she is the one thats been following me. Although she was nice enough to offer her place to rest she kept pestering me so I wasn’t able to get much rest after all. Then my old travel companions showed up cause they were as lost as usual. They managed to lose an old woman how I have no idea. I found her and Alise the young woman who followed me said the old lady was her grandmother and had been acting strange. When the old woman sent some spirits after us it was quite the surprise. I was about to disable her when the impulsive fella went and knocked her down a well. Oh well what can you do? Alise was pretty upset it took me awhile to calm her down. Now that her family is gone she has no place to go and has taken to following me again. Arty isn’t going to like this. That’s right we found the staff turns out that shaman was the guy behind it from the beginning his story did seem a little off. I’m just glad to be out of this swamp. Arty has been around I can tell but hasn’t contacted me, must be wary of my new shadow. He’ll probably turn up once we get out of the city and everyone is asleep. I hate writing these reports sis better be using this information.

Happy Half-Birthday to Me.

Leaving the remaining crew with their ship, we (the Elf, the Woman, and I) set in search of a nearby town to aide us with our beached ship. Amazingly, by some cruel twist of fate, we were reunited with the rest of our party who had foolishly followed a ghost into a forest in the darkness of night. Somehow, they managed to ditch the ghost and pick up a couple of lizard-men in exchange. And then to get out of the woods, for some reason, we had to get an egg from a monstrous bird for some some old shaman. So after a trudging march through a swamp, he finally found the old swamp hermit of a shaman, who ended up only eating this egg.

The next thing I know, we had to retrieve a staff in order to get out of this sty. I’m not sure why. It was probably some absurd promise made by the Girl or the Paladin, which, of course, included several more hours of pushing through swampland. It was dark and foggy, smelling of swamp gas, and of course, up to our wastes in swamp water the entire way. And just about the worst part of this place, is that nothing dies from getting a sword through it. The next guy we had to fight was no exception. Apparently, his only weakness was to smash a stone.

We rested up at an abandoned village, then proceeded out, leaving the Elf to rest as we promised. The Paladin insisted we followed him rather than heading straight into the swamp, and the guy lead up to another My-Only-Weakness-is-Smashing-My-Rock-Guy, so we turned back to the village. That’s when we heard a scream. Some girl was being bothered by a couple of thugs. Heroically, I saved her. In return, she took us to her village, where her elderly grandmother put us up for the night. They both insisted that the ruler over these parts, some Jorb Guy, would have it.

The next morning, we were confronted by some guards who took us to their Lord. The food and lodging at his mansion were much more accommodating than what the old hag had to offer. Because all Paladins can never let anything go, ours ended up in a fight with one of the Jorb Guy’s slave-owning soldiers. I’m pretty sure most of his elite guards owned slaves, and I knew the Paladin could take the guy, so I sat back to watch the excitement. Our Paladin won the fight, and I managed to win a slave from a little wager I made. Mister Paladin though, he won ten slave girls.

I made an attempt to recover this staff from Jorb’s mansion that night. The Girl was willing to assist me, but the Paladin decided to pass and waste his night away drinking and chatting it up with Jorb. The Elf happened upon this place, as well. I knew he’d find us. After a fire mysteriously broke out in the kitchen, the two of us decided it was best to return to our rooms, now that too many people were running around to operate effectively. The next morning, we returned to the village because Jorb insisted that the old hag probably had it.

Indeed, she did. It turns out this old hag was a witch who had conjured up some ghostly creatures in attempt to rid of us. She was only able to conjure two of these things before I valiantly pushed her down a well to her death. And there, at the bottom of the well, right beside her body, was the staff. We managed to recover it and return to the old swamp shaman.


Leaving the shaman’s shack with the Elf, we made our way back to the ship. The Captain and his remaining crew member were fine. After a short while, everyone else arrived, including Jorb and the girl from the swamp. With Jorb’s engineering skills, we got the ship loose and the cargo of wood made it to the Capitol safely.


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