Deepwyrm Drow Male. Psion-Nomad(psycoportation) Soulknife. Hair-Long, straight, Silver. Weight-145 lb. Height-5’1" Age-164


Gear- “Ladder Sticks”.


Xen’Zel is a most unusual Drow, being relatively tall, especially for a male, and solidly well built, with deep violet eyes that glow with psionic energy. Currently employed by Lellouche Deredon because of his unique psionic abilities. Unlike many Drow he is more neutral in his disposition than anything, though his actions are always chaotic in nature, and only looks to benefit himself as best he can. As a Psion developing his abilities he has chosen the path of the nomad, specializing in the manipulation of space and time so that he may one day leave the realm of Deredon to find more powerful Psionics to improve himself.

Before his employment with Lellouche, Xen’Zel was a member of a Deepwyrm Drow assassination squad with his wife, Nakame, sent to kill a Dragonborn they knew nothing about. Their entire squad was killed in what appeared to be an instant, with only Xen’Zel and his wife surviving, although they were taken captive. It turned out that the only reason they were kept alive was because they were psionically talented. For the first of their many years of training they were still set in their assassin ways and trained as soulknives, using their minds to create deadly weapons. Eventually they loosened their evil ways and became more neutral in order to better focus themselves.

However, there was a day that Xen’Zel lost his control, and created a planar gate that allowed many dangerous denizens into this world, and ever since there has been a continual battle to keep them from causing true damage. Because of that accident he was temporarily expelled from the school and much of his power was reduced by a mask that also conceals his identity as a Drow. Xen’Zel then was sent to work for the royal family to work for Lellouche, and as a test of his abilities, was sent to assist in uncovering a covert guild operation, however, his chaotic nature will cause issues…

Xen’Zel seems to have a hidden motive for assisting the royal family, but many times shows a refusal to follow the orders given to him…perhaps there is something else going on…

More Fun Facts about Xen’Zel!

He is obsessed with improving his knowledge and reading, and will be nearly oblivious to his surroundings when reading, when he was not working as an assassin he was a researcher of magical items and dragons.

Xen’Zel had amnesia and knows almost nothing about his past, contributing to his obsession with learning about Dragons and his dragonblooded heritage.

He has been married to Nakame for roughly 100 years and has twin children who are both psionically gifted.
His daughters’ names areIrr’Kacha Ur’Rilynath and Brizae Ur’Rilynath.


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