Tokata Wakicuza


Half-Elf. Male. Age 26. 5’-6", 160 lbs.. Hazel eyes. Dark brown hair, neck length. Caucasian.


Tokata Icimani Wakicuza was birthed by a human woman of the village named Tiyatani Wicoti. His father was a forest dwelling elf. Though he spent limited time with his birth father, he was raised by the communal-built village. Growing up, he thought of most of the village as family. They taught him of the wilderness and many survival skills that he would be sure to use in his lifetime. His mother taught him many things about elves and their culture. The people of Tiyatani Wicoti live close to the wild, making it a part of their everyday lives. It’s not uncommon for their tribe to breed with the nearby elves of the forest.

Tokata quickly proved himself to be very skilled and a remarkable individual. At age sixteen, Tokata was summoned by the village elders. They explained to him that he had much promise and should not be limited to the horizons of his home village. He was encouraged to leave his home and explore the world, to follow his intrigues, and to hone his skills, and when the time was right, to return to the village, to share stories of his adventures, and father a child of his own.

Tokata Wakicuza

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