Teltartemis Belarius Cartinalda

Current head of Cartinalda family.



Wood Elf Ranger -medium size -age 147 -gender male -height 5’ -weight 110 lbs -brown eyes -copper hair -light skin -alignment neutral


Tartemis is the second child of the Cartinalda family older brother toQuarius Cartinalda. His father is one of the five ruling members of the Copperwood tribe. His older sister is one of the seven Copperwood Generals. Feeling he could never live up to the family name Tartemis decided he would pass his roles onto his younger brother however when his brother ran away from home Tartemis was forced to take the position as head of the family. Tartemis chose to become a Scout, one of the Copperwood airborne messengers. He often uses this as an excuse to escape from his duty as head of the family. Tartemis often drops in to visit his younger brother usually to try and convince him to return home so Tartemis can step down from his position.

Teltartemis Belarius Cartinalda

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