Cat-Folk Urban Druid.


Level 3 Urban Druid ECL: 4
Race: Catfolk
EXP: -
Gender: Male
Alignment: NG
Height: 5’10
Weight: 200
Looks: Like a snow leopard.

STR: 11
DEX: 20
CON: 14
INT: 13
WIS: 16
CHA: 18

Speed: 40’
Initiative mod: 5
BAB: +3
HP: 31


AC: 20

Armor: Studded leather, Buckler.
Weapons: Rapier, Dagger, and soon to be crossbow.

Feats: Dodge

Racial/Class traits: Disease immunity
Alley Fighting
Crowd Walk
Low light vision

Languages: Common

Animal Urban Companion
Name: Starrkai
Creature Type: Medium Animated Object (Cat statue)
Looks: A cougar and Lynx mixed together with the alley cat look.

STR: 12
DEX: 10
CON: -
INT: –
WIS: 1
CHA: 1

Initiative mod: 0
Speed: 50
AC: 14
HP: 45 (Hardness 8)
BAB: 1

Attacks: Slam 1 1d61

Special: Darkvision 60"
Construct traits
Low light vision

Tricks: Come


“There is one Druid per pack of Catfolk where it come from. When the Druid begins to get old, he chooses an apprentice that will surpass him when he passes on. It was chosen for this role. It never really wanted to be the packs Druid, but it was “chosen by nature”, so he said. On the day that its training was to begin It fled. It ran away from all the responsibility and worry to forge a life of its own out in the world. A life of what it wanted.

It eventually way its way to the cities where it was captivated by the architecture and advanced tribes of people living here. We did not see much of the outside world, now and then we would meet a traveler. Maybe shelter them for a night and hear their stories. Maybe that was what made it decide to run away? But to see it all before its very own eyes was something entirely different to behold.

It grew to the cities, learned to live in, and around them. Learned to protect them when needed. Not long passed before it realized its abilities. The old Druid was right, it was chosen. Its abilities began to forge with each passing day. Slowly growing. But they adapted to the city rather than the open fields and forests.

Some time passed before its life would change and take a very steep turn. This is all because of one man. Lelouche. By chance or fate we met, and he offered it a job. Promises of being able to visit cities around the world, on top of all of the adventure was more than it could pass up."

Life in the Cat tribes is simple. Each tribe generally has around 20-30 living within it. A tribe leader, a few Scouts, a handful of Hunters, and a single Druid.
The tribe has children every 10 years. Normally it is around 8, but sometimes more or less will happen depending.
Catfolk forge relationships much differently than humans and other races. Catfolk form “Pacts” with their mate. It does not matter whether the mate is male, female, young, old, or even of the same race. A Pact is an unbreakable bond of trust and loyalty towards the other. Pacts are only formed when the two are willing to die for one another, too always and indefinitely protect the other from all danger. It is difficult to explain in words the bond between the two that make a pact.
Pacts last a lifetime, if one member of a pact passes on the other normally does not seek a new pact partner. If the pact partner is killed while the other is around, the other will fight until either they die, or they have taken vengeance on whomever killed them. Depending on the individuals in the pact depends on how they react to the death of their partner. Some grieve, others celebrate. Some move on without a word. But whatever happens, it is always almost indescribably emotional for them.
Betrayal in never heard of in those who make Pacts. Those who make them are very careful to only make Pacts with those whom they know will never betray them.
If, for whatever reason it does happen, the impact in the one that was betrayed would be immense. It is difficult to say how they would react.

Parenting in the Tribes is also much different than that of normal races. The entire Pack raises the children as a whole. Each giving a little help in raising the children as they grow.
Normally children are not had by anyone other than those in pacts, but if a pact is made between two people of the same sex, or of races that are incapable of having children, they find help within the Tribe to assist. It does not matter who the blood parents are to the parents. The parents are defined by who primarily raises the child.

The way of speaking is also very different in the Tribes. Catfolk will refer to themselves as “it” to all but the one they forge a Pact with.

Syriuss has never formed a pact with anyone, but wishes to someday find somebody in which he can.


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