Silfura Tarloris

Traveling cleric and daughter of the wizard Tarloris


Human Cleric with long silver hair and violet eyes, fair skin, and a slight yet muscular build.


Never knowing her birth father Silfura’s mother was killed by a red dragon when she was still a baby . Rescued by the great wizard Galtwinh Tarloris he raised her in his tower. She quickly mastered magic but sought to leave the tower she had spent her whole life in and see the world but her father was reluctant to let her wander far from the tower however relizing her discontent when she was sixteen her father sent her to the Church of Deregonia there she learned healing magicks. She grew to love helping others and eventually set out on a pilgrimage around the country stopping in villages without healers to help the sick and injured. After about ten years she returned to her father who introduced her to the king. Realizing her talented the king hired her as a messenger for the crown allowing her to travel freely throughout the land spreading kindness in the king’s name. She is commonly referred to as the “Silver Wind” by local peasants.

Silfura Tarloris

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