Quarius Cartinalda


Wood Elf Druid -Male -Brown eyes -Copper hair -Pale skin -Height 5’ 3" -Weight 135lbs. -Alignment LN -Age 131 -medium size -speed 30’


Weapons/Armor: Sylvan Scimitar, Composite Shortbow +4, Sling, Darkwood Shield, Rhino Hide


Quarius is the third child of the Cartinalda family. The Cartinalda family is one of the ruling families of the Copperwood tribe. From a young age Quarius proved himself a fearsome warrior the youngest in his roost to ever survive the “Trial of the Bear” however his passion was in the healing arts practiced by his mother. Quarius’s father disliked the idea of Quarius becoming a healer and insisted he become a rider like his older siblings. Quarius rarely gets along with his father and older sister and he knew that there would be no way to change their minds so Quarius simply refused leaving his home to study the Druidic arts from the Ironleaf tribe. He was assigned to watch over the southwestern border of Feng Forest by the Druidic Council until he met a group of travelers while investigating a strange magical mist that was turning creatures into the undead. Working together with them he was able to find the source of the mist and drive out those who were creating it. After reporting back to the council Quarius now intrigued by these strangers decided to follow them in the hopes of learning more of these peculiar outsiders. He is known to keep in contact with his older brother Tartemis.

Quarius Cartinalda

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