Ompoly "Galtwinh" Tarloris

Grand Mage of the Magic Academy




Tarloris is the Grand Mage and President of the academy of magic in Deregonia. He founded the academy during the reign of King Logos . His age is unknown or his real appearance he often appears as an old man. He is fond of jokes often tricking travelers into doing things for him. He lives upon a tower almost a mile in diameter at its base near the edge of the academy it has no windows or doors and no one knows what is kept inside it. Tarloris lives in a small house on top of the tower. It is believed that the tower channels magic energies to sustain his unnaturally long life. He has six daughters five of which he adopted. Each one uses abilities that correspond with an element fire, earth, wind, water, shadow, and light.

Ompoly "Galtwinh" Tarloris

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