Lellouche Deredon

Second prince of Deregonia


Human Sorcerer with jet black hair bright blue eyes pale skin and slender build.


Lellouche is son to Aldrich and second prince of Deregonia. He lives in a mansion at the edge of the Black Forest. When he was young his father sent him away to study at the Royal Academy of Magic there he was treated as an outcast by the wizards for practicing sorcery. Short tempered and arrogant Lellouche is only known to get along with his beloved younger sister Lallelia Deredon. Believing his father to be an incompetent fool and resenting him for sending him away he never returned to the castle. Lellouche still plays an active role in politics as well as maintains a network of spys despite being removed from the capitol however his reclusive nature has diminished his influence. He is still second in line to throne and currently supported by about a third of the nobility though most of of the commoners support his brother Carrick Deredon there are still many particularly in the western region who support Lellouche.

Lellouche Deredon

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