Scout Sniper varient


STR 10 +0
DEX 16 +3
CON 13 +1
INT 15 +2
WIS 18 +4
CHA 10 +0

Fortitude 1 (base) + 1 (ability)= 2
Reflex 4 (base) + 3 (ability)= 7
Will 1 (base) + 3 (ability)= 4

Base Attack Bonus +3
Grapple +3

Short Bow +6 (AB) 1D6 dmg 20/x3 crits 60 ft
Short sword +2 (AB) 1D6 dmg 19/x2 crits

1 Craft Bowmaking
4 Heal
7 Hide
2 Listen
7 Move Silently
3 open lock
7 Ride
4 Search
7 Spot

Stealthy +2 Move silently, and hide
Rapid Shot 2 shots per round -2 2nd shot
Point Blank Shot +1 attack and dmg within 30 ft
Precise shot, no negative firing into melee
Far Shot, Doubles bows range
Defensive Archery + 4 to Ac in melee combat


A female human named Kira, She is unsure of her own origins except she’s exceptionally skilled with a bow as opposed to some around her, She was yout typical run of the mill mercenary taking jobs here and there to get by, she was known for going into combat with just her bow and 8 or more quivers of arrows filled to the brim. Aside from her combat skills she has little social skills, leaving her as usually being the loner of any groups she was paired with, but that just made it all the easier for scouting ahead for danger or traps. At some point was given a mission to protect an employer during a risky business transaction and that’s where her story starts with delving deeper into the mysteries of Deregonia


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