Irr'Kacha Ur'Rilynath


“Deepwyrm” Drow Female.
Age- 83
Height- 5’2" Weight-???
Eyes-Violet. Hair- Long, Light Copper with Silver highlights. Skin- Black(Really dark grey).
Alignment- Neutral Good
Class- Ardent



Fort: 4= 1(Base) +3(Mod)
Ref: 5= 1(Base) +4(Mod)
Will: 8= 4(Base) +4(Mod)

BAB: 3


Autohypnosis: 13
Concentration: 10
Craft(Weapons): 7
Diplomacy: 8 (11 if with crystal)
Heal: 11
Knowledge(Psionics): 7
Knowledge(Local): 9
Perform(BattleDance): 6
Profession(Herbalist): 6
Spot, Listen: 8 (10 if with crystal)

Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Katana)
Weapon Focus (Katana)
Psicrystal Affinity (Also gives: Alertness if crystal is near)


Leather Scale: +3ac +6 max mod -2 check
Dastana (bracers): +1ac
Katana: 1d10 crit 18-20/x2(x3 if 2h attack) slashing, light
Quarterstaff: 1d6/1d6 x2 bludgeoning, 2h

Light violet silk clothes (long sleeved blouse, hakama, gloves, scarf) with a black velvet vest and a white mask decorated with a painted vine and flower design and a psicrystal slot.


Irr’Kacha is the younger of Xen’Zel’s twin daughters, and strangely has a different hair color than her sister, being a light shade of copper with silvery highlights, a very rare occurrence among Drow. She is also a very different from her father, being a very expressionistic person, spending more time speaking her thoughts aloud rather than keep them to herself. However, she is just as careful with her actions, very aware that Drow are not a liked race and psionics are a rare power.

Prior to being asked to replace her father Irr’Kacha spent most of her time honing her combat abilities, learning how best to handle herself in combat, though having no true experience of actual combat situations, but she felt she was better suited to assist the party than her sister could have.

In battle Irr’Kacha will tend to distract opponents with her BattleDance before actually fighting them, or she will increase the fighting capabilities of her allies, whichever is more convenient at the time.

Fun facts:

Irr’Kacha could care less about her draconic heritage and doesn’t want to learn any more about it, she knows it’s there and it makes her look different.

She hasn’t actually seen her father in over 60 years.

She likes to look pretty, which is why her mask is decorated, and her hair is always stylized.

Her powers are almost always accompanied by either the sound of chimes or small glowing flowers.

Irr'Kacha Ur'Rilynath

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