Cecilian Lor DeSanti


Human -Female -Teal eyes -Light Blonde hair -Peach skin -Height 5’ 9” -Weight 165lbs. -Alignment LN -Age 20 -medium size -speed 30’

STR-18 DEX-17 CON-16 INT-14 WIS-09 CHA-14

Weapons/Armor: Great Axe(Dera), Crossbow(heavy), Battle Axe, Studded Leather, Shield(steal heavy)


Originally hired by Lellouche, Cecilian befriended the Elf Quarius. The served prince Lellouche for a time until Quarius was summoned home. The friends parted ways, Quarius returned to the Copperwood Roost of his birth and received disturbing news. Realizing the gravity of the situation he sent for his trusted friend to join him. An honor bestowed to few Cecilian graciously accepted the invitation and began the long trip to the depths of Feng Forest. After a thrilling ride on the back of a great owl she ascended the wooden stairs of the eternal trees. Awed by the magnificent Elven city of Siagna Galadhad, Cecilian was at first overwhelmed but was soon greeted by the familiar face of her friend…

Cecilian Lor DeSanti

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