Carrick Deredon

First prince Deregonia


Human Paladin


Carrick was born to Aldrich and Sarah Deredon. His father left when he was child and he was raised by his mother. When he was ten his mother died of an illness and he was taken in by the church. Ten years later his father returned to take the Deregonian throne. Feeling bad for abandoning his son the king offered him a place at the castle. Though reluctant Carrick accepted he still harbored resentment towards his father. Now the prince of Deregonia he crusades across the country upholding the law in attempt to spread benevolence and support to the common man. Currently first in line to throne Carrick is supported by most of the populace and the church however he is often at odds with the guilds and the nobles who tend to find his policies unfavorable.

Carrick Deredon

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