Captain Bram Bogaarts

Self-Proclaimed Captain of One of Prince Lellouche Deredon's Mercenary Squads


Human. Male. Age 33. 5’-11", 184 lbs. Brown eyes. Dark brown hair, cut short, unshaven. Caucasian skin.


Bram Doran Bogaarts was born of nobility to a Baron in (One of Deregonia’s bordering Kingdoms). From an early age, Bram was difficult for his parents and sitters to manage. They inevitably shipped him off for him to get a good education, but also just to get rid of him.
He graduated from a combat-oriented academy. On a few occasions, he almost got himself removed from said schooling, but due to a lack of evidence, the suspicions were quickly dismissed, including one instance where we was accused of cheating on an exam. After graduating, Bram joined the Guard with a majority of his peers, but due to a few acts of insubordination, he quickly found himself traveling on the road.
Since then, Bram has been a hero-for-hire, body guard, and con artist, making money when and where he could. Sometimes, he would spend several months in a certain location, simply out of curiosity and the ambition to solve a mystery of discover the truth behind something greater.

Captain Bram Bogaarts

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