Alissen Qwey

Human Scout


Human Female Scout-Neutral Good
17 years old with brown eyes, jungle green hair, and tanned skin. Stands at 5’4" 129 lbs. wears goggles and a tattered rain poncho made of cloth.

STR 12
DEX 19
CON 12
INT 10
WIS 16
CHA 14

AC 18(+1 Leather of Shadow 3, Dex 4, Scout bonus 1)

Feats:Agile Athlete, Acrobatics, Weapon Finesse, Acrobatic Skirmisher, Improved Initiative, Tactile Trapsmith

Weapon:Throwing Axe


Alis grew up in a swamp surrounded by traps that made it nearly impossible to enter or leave. Her village was run by bandits and slavers. She was fortunate and her grandmother hid her away so she was never taken. Alis’ mother was a slave and her father was the leader of the bandits until he was killed by his successor. Alis lived in a house that was made for her by her grandmother away from the main village so she would not be discovered. Alis liked to explore the swamp when her grandmother was away and collect various unique objects travelers and adventurers left behind. Her favorite pair of goggles being one of them. She often hides things in stashes. One day a strange group of travelers showed up and rescued her from some slavers she escaped into the swamp where she met their elven comrade who impressed her with his survival skills. She eventually decided to become his disciple after the sudden death of her grandmother.

Alissen Qwey

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