Towers of Deregonia

Sex and a little girl

Woke up to Milander Crawling into bed after a day and a half of sleeping…. for some reason I feel violated.. I did wake up in his bed so I guess it makes sense. I did hear from my other party members that I was close to being traded to Ogre’s but he was the one who protested it, so I should have thanked him instead of screaming in his face but can’t expect much with our past history so far. Was quite weird with being in an orc camp though and it being night I must have slept for a long while there was a new person with us though…. a little girl I kinda want to know a bit more about her, could be part of my more motherly side showing a bit, I did noticed she could use magic and quite well at it or so far as I can tell… interesting. The raid on the blood rage orc clan make shift village which went quite well up til one of us decided to dress up like a blood rage orc and got himself burned pretty bad quite literally. he was looking pretty torn up but I think he should live…


Orcs, not ogres.

Sex and a little girl
Kanexiane smooferboi420

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