Towers of Deregonia

Meldonna's Worldly Writing 8

I am so very sick of the living dead things that are all around us. They are every where and they are also very grabby. We had to make our way though a city of them and then ran into Tartemis’ brother, some sort of shape shifter. Oh and to make things even better we just found out that Jah-Mon is in control of this town (well presumably he is, can’t think why he isn’t the one in control) which means that the walking dead is his doing. If I thought I could actually kill him I would try it, but after I ask him if he added any spices to the cockatrice omelet.

Guess there isn’t much for me to say today aside from the fact that the burning feeling is still persisting in my mind. Got to have that looked into soon enough. Oh—Annie appeared to have used the wand but it didn’t seem to do anything interesting to her, too bad maybe next time.


Kanexiane Tigerbomberx

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