Towers of Deregonia

Letter from and to Gerald

My Dear Cerinn,
It has been a few days since I’ve seen you and I miss you; I hope this letter reaches you fine seeing as I have never used the order’s mail system before. Remus misses you and Felicity, we’ve been running fight drills every day. Though I must say the drills lack substance without you, truly I need a good sword to go against. This random assignment you have been on the last few days must be going pretty long since you haven’t returned yet. Nothing much to report other than Hercule managed to get himself caught taking from the patrol satchel and has been let go. So you were right in your assumptions of him after all love.

Be safe and gallant (as always),
Love your Gerald

Pardon the briefness of this letter for I am short on time. The assignment did not go well at all, seems I took part in something less than legal and I am called back by the order for investigation of my actions. There is little doubt in my mind that my lord will find fit to cast me from the order. Oh how terrible this all is! I will try to visit you as soon as the investigation is over, that is if you still feel incline to associate with me after my punishment. I love you and I thank you for the letter you sent me.



Kanexiane Tigerbomberx

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