Towers of Deregonia

Cerinn's Determination

Heironeous specifies strictly that a paladin should put the wills of Heironeous above his/her own will. I have been too passive in the past against evil, cautious and abiding by fault because all I really wanted to do was spend time riding and being with Gerald. My being cast from the Order is a sign that Heironeous is displeased with my actions—or rather lack of action. I was in the midst of evil and rather than acting against it I tried to peacefully solve the issue; all that ended up happening was that I was repeatedly tortured, incriminated the Order, and was cast from the Order. Evil is without shame and needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth. I cannot expect to return home with this shame of failure over my head and I certainly cannot return to the arms of Gerald with the markings of Heironeous stripped from my armor. Time to fulfill my promise to my prince and the Arch-paladin. Working for Prince Lelouche is dubious but there is little option, though I am being used I shall do my best to work this prince’s plans around that of Heironeous. I shall own my mistake and bring forth glory and goodness.


Kanexiane Tigerbomberx

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