Towers of Deregonia

Cerinn World's Greatest Paladin

(Story written by Cerinn when she was around 6, editing by her mother)
A great blackness covered the world, the work of the evil drakoleech dracolich Moonvartii! Moonvartii was the largest and most mean dracolich that the world had ever nown known. He was so mean that he stole candy from little kids and kicked horses for fun. If that wasn’t enuff enough he coffed coughed out a large cloud of evil smoke over the world! People were in panic and many even hid under ground to escape his cloud. When all hope had been lost, it seemed like the darkness would last for eternetie eternity; a bright light shown shone from the west. It was light from the most amazing and awesom^e paladin ever! Cerinn Lightwander! She rode down on her unicorn of justise justice towards the evil Moonvartii, waving her mace in his face. Moonvartii was very frigh cowe scared of Cerinn and tried to run away from her but her unicorn ^(Mr.Dustsparkles) was too fast for him. She smaeked smacked him with her mace and Moonvartii cried out, “AUGHAGLEGU!” and he was smited. The evil cloud lifted from the world and all was happy. Cerinn and unicorn ^(Mr. Dustsparkles) went off in search of more adventerous adventurous things to do and make people happy. The End


Kanexiane Tigerbomberx

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