Towers of Deregonia

Bram's Adventures: 10

Continued from Bram’s Adventures: 09.

The next morning, Bram awoke in a bed. Beside him was Viola, both of them naked. He smiled, and spoke to himself, “I can’t believe that worked.” He was not in the inn, but rather, one of the city’s homesteads. The room was nicer than those of the inn. It had a touch of elegance.

Slowly, Viola began to wake up. “Morning,” she said. How long will you be at sea?"

“I’m not really sure,” replied Bram, slipping on his pants. He realized the captain never did tell him how long it would be.

“Oh. Shame.” She removed a gold coin from her purse on the table beside the bed. “Use this to feed yourself before you leave. You should go, now. Come find me when you get back.”

It was less than two hours before Bram’s ship hoisted off. After his meal, he still had eight silver left. He arrived at the docks aft found The Seventh Season. The captain was standing on the deck, barking orders at his men. Several crates were being brought aboard.

“You!” shouted the captain, fixing his eye on Bram, “Get t’work.”

“I’m security,” replied Bram.

“But you be on my crew. Which means y’work fer me. So, grab a crate, and get t’work!”

After the last of the cargo was aboard and fastened, the ship set sail. It was shakier than it was on the river. The shore grew further away, but not out of sight. After more than an hour at sea, the captain finally approached Bram. He had another man at his side. “I be Captain Eldred Saxon of ”/campaign/towers-of-deregonia/wikis/The%20Seventh%20Season/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>The Seventh Season. This be Riley, me First Mate. He’ll show ya the ropes. If ya have any questions or need anythin’, ask him." Saxon then wandered off.

“What’s you name?” asked Riley.


“Well, Bram, we sleep under deck. Just claim an empty hammock. The cooks tell us when we eat. You’re job’s to defend the cargo. There’s a number of axes and freight hooks located around the ship. You’re sword might do you better. Also, you my want to learn how to hoist the sails. The captain sometimes chooses to forget who has what job. Anything else you need to know?”

“Actually, yes. How long are we going to be out at sea?

“We should hit a port before the end of the week. Land sick, already?”

“No. Just wondering when we’ll be back.”

“Back? Back where? Arlenis? Saxon’s home is the sea. We’re always moving. Might be a year before we’re back there. Maybe longer. He goes where the cargo takes him.”

Continues on Bram’s Adventures: 11.


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