Towers of Deregonia

Bram's Adventures: 09

Continued from Bram’s Adventures: 08.

Bram started off the rest of his day by going to the inn. There, he sat around, boasting of false heroics. Most of the day, he did this, managing to lie his way into a few drinks from the drunkenly, gregarious patrons. Around dusk, a well-dressed women walked into the inn. Her flowing chestnut brown hair and her blue garments flowed as she moved across the floor. She sat at the bar and ordered some ginger tea. Bram was quickly struck with lust, promptly taking the seat beside her.

“Barkeep, I’ll have a ginger tea,” said Bram.

As the proprietor poured his drink, she said, “Most men around here prefer drinks of a harder variety.” Her smile was sharp, yet delightful.

“Oh, there’s a time to drink hard, but there’s never anything wrong with some good tea, Bram replied.”

“Agreed.” She sipped her tea, making eye contact with Bram. “You’re a traveler, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. I suppose I am.”

“What brings you to Arlenis?”

Bram brought his cup to his face and took a sip of his tea. “I…I’m on a heroic quest to recover a prize for the King.”

“Really?” She smiled into a look of doubt and amusement.

“Actually, no. That was a joke.” They both laughed.

“Then why are you here, traveler?”

“Bram,” he corrected in a slight smirk.

Smiling back, “Okay, Bram, I’m Viola. Now, why are you here?”

He took another sip of tea. “I just got a job aboard a ship. Before that, I almost died. I took two arrows while fleeing a town on a stolen horse. I’m a thief, too, by the way. And I cheat. I guess I became a criminal right after I punched my commanding officer in the face for kicking me out of the Guard. But I wasn’t a very great person before that, either. In fact, I only sat next to you because I have no place to stay for the night, and you’re pretty hot.”

Her reaction was at first silent, mouth wide-open and unblinking. Her expression of shock quickly turned to a smile as she burst out in laughter. After a few seconds, she replied, “Well, Bram, you have had quite an adventure, but at least you’re honest.”

“Yeah. I don’t always do that either,” taking another swig of tea.

“Is there anything else I should know about you, Bram?”

“Yeah. I hate tea.”

Continues on Bram’s Adventures: 10.


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