Towers of Deregonia

Bram's Adventures: 07

Continued from Bram’s Adventures: 06.

Nailed at the top between two posts, where the docks meet the rest of the town, hung a sign labeled, “Welcome to Arlenis.” A stone road, corroded by years of salty sea air, led straight into town. He followed the road a short distance, straight into a marketplace. Never before, had Bram seen such a diverse collective of people. And not just humans, either. There were a number of different races of just about every age and social class. Bram managed to lift a few edibles from various merchants as he made his way through the market.

Once making his way through the marketplace, it wasn’t long before he found a number of inns. He entered one by the name of “The Green Talisman” and found a seat at the bar. After four pints of ale, the sun was beginning to set, and Bram was out of money. Throughout the afternoon, he was able to hideaway a few mugs and various dishes into his satchel. He spent a short while exploring the city, and before too long, found a shop that would purchase his findings. Keeping only the sword, the satchel, and the clothes on his back, he made seven silver.

The next morning, a meal, a room, and a prostitute later, he had nothing left. Once again, Bram was able to lift a meal from the market, undetected. He found a place near the docks to eat his stolen meal in peace. Though he’d never really been to sea, before, one thing he was looking forward to was not having to thieve every meal.

Continues on Bram’s Adventures: 08.


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