Towers of Deregonia

Bram's Adventures: 06

Continued from Bram’s Adventures: 05.

The following days aboard The Seventh Season were long and unremarkable. The winding river seemed to stretch on forever. Bram mostly used this time to recuperate. He traded his horse for transport and a little healing, but he still needed to earn his meals. He stood watch for a single shift every night, watching for just about anything from thieves to natural dangers. But, the voyage was fairly uneventful. In this time, he also sifted through the contents of his stolen satchel, discovering an empty flask, a few fishing hooks, a day’s rations, and sixteen copper pieces.

Eventually, the ship made it’s way to the docks of a city. As he disembarked The Seventh Season, he heard a raspy voice from behind him. “How’s you like a job as security aboard me ship?” It was the Captain standing over the side of the vessel, leaning against it’s rail.

“Like what?” Bram replied, “Sit on the head half the night and make sure you don’t get robbed?”

“Aye. Three silver a day. Keep you fed an’ dry.”

“Sure.” He couldn’t think of a better option at the moment.

“Eat your meals and lay your women. We hoist off at high noon two days from now.”

Still aching from his piecing wounds, Bram headed into town in search of an inn. The city was diverse, never lacking in a number of merchants and traders, sailors and soldiers. Gulls and other seaside avian chattered through the thick, salty air. The afternoon sun shined through the clouded sky.

Continues on Bram’s Adventures: 07.


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