Towers of Deregonia

Bram's Adventures: 05

Continued from Bram’s Adventures: 04.

Bram kept riding for most of the day. The arrows protruding from his flesh wouldn’t stop hurting. When the adrenaline stopped flowing, he found himself in agony. It ended up to be a very warm day. Perhaps stealing water would have been a better idea than the meat buns, which only seemed to dry his pallet. Eventually, Bram lost consciousness in the midday heat.

He woke up wet, the right side of his body submerged in a shallow stream, his left foot still in it’s hold of the saddle. The stolen horse had managed to find it way to water. The first thing Bram saw as he opened his eyes was the horse drinking at the stream. Amazingly, his face was still surfaced due to a sandbar in the stream.

Coming to his feet, Bram took a drink, himself. At that moment, a piercing pain reminded him that he had been shot. He took an eye around him and into the sky, but he couldn’t determine what direction he had come from in the slightest. He sat on a rock, tugging at the arrow in his leg, and the wound hurt even more. After a short rest, he struggled back on the mount, and continued down stream. The grassland grew even thicker. As more brush appeared around him, a treeline appeared on the horizon.

As he continued closer and closer to the trees, he could begin to make out movement and various sounds. When he became close enough to distinguish, he saw that loggers had set up a camp where the stream and a river intersect. Having nowhere else to go at the time, Bram found it in his best interest at the moment to ask for help from the axe men.

“Who goes there?” shouted a burly man wielding an axe.

“Just a traveler in need of assistance,” Bram replied, calmly.

“Assistance of what sort?”

“I’ve been shot! I’m in pain!” This time, his response wasn’t as calm.

The logger, now noticing arrows sticking out of Bram, called for medical assistance. They removed the arrows and bandaged him up, advising him to keep it easy for a few days. In exchange for his stolen horse, Bram was able to get a ride back to town after only a few days. He traveled on their boat with a shipment of harvested wood.

Continues on Bram’s Adventures: 06.


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