Towers of Deregonia

Bram's Adventures: 01

More Backstory

Immediately after being removed from the Royal Guard, the first thing Bram did was get exceedingly drunk. The next day, he woke up in an alleyway. The first thing he saw that afternoon was children running away from him in laughter, presumably after they had watched over and poked at him in his sleep. Groggy and slightly disoriented, Bram made his way to his feet and made his way back to his barracks. By the time he arrived at his former home, he had become more coordinated and coherent. All that remained was the splitting headache of his hangover. Bram knocked on the door and his former commanding officer answered to Bram’s fist in his face. He was immediately tackled and beaten.

He awoke on the side of a dusty road to the sound of horse and wagon. It was broad daylight and he was stark nude. The wagon stopped, and out from it, walked a short, stocky man. Bram appeared as if he had been beaten and robbed, and in a way, he had been, so he went along with it. The man introduced himself as Ulrich, a traveling trader. He offered Bram a ride to the nearest town and provided him with a set of clothes. Upon arriving at the town, the man got out of his wagon and placed blocks under the wheels. When he was finished, Bram was out of sight.

Continues on Bram’s Adventures: 02.


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