Towers of Deregonia

10-09-10 - Bram's Perspective

After the rest of the party had given up on the mission, Bram began walking back to the Troll Hunter Clan‘s camp. They are really poor at following orders. Eventually, the rest of his party caught up to him, and they proceeded on. Upon reaching the Bloodrage camp again, the party realizes that only three of the prisoners were remaining. Apparently, the archer woman had been able to pick the locks earlier, but for some reason decided not to. This time, she actually did something. Once falling back to the Troll Hunters, they proceeded back to Lellouche’s Mansion. Bram picked up some literature while there. The woman took the prisoners shopping as the rest of the party fooled around for the few hours they were there.

Eventually they arrived at the Mansion and presented Lellouche with the prisoners. Even still, the man refused to tell the party what’s really going on. Before too long, the Changeling was arrested for crimes against the Crown. Nobody really liked him, anyways. The party swapped one elf for another one, as well. And it looks like there is now a Paladin in the group, too. The thing about Paladins is that they always think that they’re the most important and most righteous ones around, despite how dumb or weak they are. After the meal, the party was instructed to protect one of Lellouche’s guests from assassination or other harm. Bram finally got to the cottage where he was staying close to dusk. He might be safer in the Mansion, but if he wants to stay in the cottage, that’s his business.


Kanexiane xiphoid_steel

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